Events At The Global Centre For Land-Based Innovation

The Global Centre invites you to take a closer look at our approach, our capabilities and the opportunities available to address today's pressing issues and deliver a safer future for the world of tomorrow...

Participants at our Soil Biology Masterclass will learn how to adopt practices and strategies to enhance the life in soils and use the power of plant-soil-microbial relationships to unlock soil nutrients, produce healthier and more nutritious plants and understand how microbes drive modern farming success.

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12-13 Oct 2015

Helping Australia's multi-billion dollar industry to find solutions in the soils beneath their crops...

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10-11 Oct 2015

Professor Yong-Guan Zhu, Institute of Urban Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences, China will be in attendance at the Harnessing Rhizosphere workshop

Soil sample wells where the different colours show varying biological activity
16-17 July 2015

This workshop will explore what the key approaches are and whether they can be utilized to assign functions to microbial dark matters- including single cell genome, experimental, ecological and bioinformatics approaches....