Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Departamento de Biología Vegetal II

Alberto Benavent (opens in a new window)

Alberto will be training at the Centre for 3 months through his fellowship. During his stay at the Global Centre, based at Western Sydney University, Alberto will work under the supervision of Prof Brajesh Singh performing the molecular analysis of DNA soil extractions taken from experiments undertaken on site in South America and Antarctica. The analysis performed will be to study microbial diversity (454 pyrosequencing, TRFL-P) and its relation with functional changes (qPCR) linked to nitrogen cycle and nutrient dynamics in the studied areas.

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cuijing Zhang

Cuijing will be training at the Centre for 12 months through her felIowship. During her stay at the Global Centre, Cuijing will be working on a project about global climate change based on the eCO2*eT*flooding*drought experiment.

Indian Institute of Soil Science

Dr. Sangeeta Lenka (opens in a new window)

Dr. Lenka has been involved in the development of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies in soybean-wheat systems of vertisols in Central India. Dr Sangeeta is training at the Global Centre for six months and is currently working on how climate change impacts on soil and crop productivity; the effects of tillage on soil organic carbon dynamics and the resilience of soils to organic carbon depletion.