Leadership, Talent Identification & Networking


The Career Development Opportunities information of the Talent and Leadership Development website reflects the University's ongoing commitment to developing a high quality workforce by providing relevant and value-adding career development opportunities to develop staff capabilities in key impact areas of the University's strategic plan.

Training is provided in areas such as

  • Leadership
  • Unconscious Bias - Behavioural Interviewing: Recruiting the right person
  • Networks, including Early-Mid Career Academics Network, and
  • Mentoring opportunities for Academic and Professional Staff

Leadership Programs & Talent Identification

Examples of Western Sydney University initiatives and programs that are provided for Academic Women include:

  • Academic Careers and Development Program
  • Epigeum
  • Inspire Academic Leadership Program
  • Academic Mentoring Program
  • ECR Female Executive Speed Mentoring Program
  • MyVoice Speed Mentoring

For further details about the above and additional programs and initiatives see Gender Equality Leadership Programs for Women (PDF, 79.01 KB) (opens in a new window).

The University finalised a review of its academic promotions policy in December of 2016. It also has a Gender Equality Policy with specific targets for gender balance on committees (opens in a new window).

Western Sydney University Senior Women's Group

The Women's Group provides a forum for staff to meet, network, share information and discuss gender equity issues.

The Office of Human Resources facilitates the Group Seminars, which are held 3-4 times a year and are free to attend.

Attendance at the seminars is considered to be a staff development training experience and time taken to attend is recorded as work time.

The most recent seminar:

May 2017 Career Paths and Building Career Trajectories

This panel discussion focused on the differing career journeys of women in higher education, and further training and professional development opportunities available.