Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and Family Violence is violent, abusive or intimidating behaviour experienced from a partner, carer or family member (Domestic Violence NSW).

Family and domestic violence can include emotional, physical, sexual, verbal, social, financial or psychological abuse, or harassment and stalking.

In a Personal Safety Survey held by the ABS in 2016, one in six Australian women, and one in 16 Australian men have, indicated that they had experienced violence from a partner, since the age of 15.

Family or domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of gender, sexual identity, culture, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location.  Individuals affected by family and domestic violence will often have complex social, physical, financial, emotional and legal needs.

Western Sydney University is committed to the health, wellbeing and safety of its community. Support options available for students and staff experiencing family and domestic violence, including same sex partners may include:

  • flexible work or study arrangements when reasonably possible
  • staff leave or study break options to manage matters related to family and domestic violence
  • referral to confidential counselling support services such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Student Counselling Services on campus.

Who can I speak to for more advice on supports available?

  • Staff can choose to speak to their Manager or supervisor, their HR representative, or the Office of Equity and Diversity for confidential advice and support.
  • Students should speak to Student Support Services staff, or contact the University's Counselling Service for confidential advice and support.

Counselling Support

  • Students experiencing family and domestic violence are encouraged to arrange to talk with a counsellor from our student Counselling Service.  This is a free service available to all students.  Any matters discussed are treated with respect to an individual's right to privacy.
  • Staff affected by family or domestic violence are encouraged to access the University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for themselves or a family member. This confidential counselling service is provided to all staff, including their immediate family members at no cost. For more information visit AccessEAP.

Safety on Campus

The safety of our staff and student is a high priority. If you are concerned for the safety of yourself, or any individual in a study or work environment on campus you should contact Campus Safety and Security on 1300 737 003.

If there is an immediate life threatening situation call 000 and then your local Campus Safety and Security office.

Staff affected by a family or domestic violence matter can also discuss individual safety options with their Manager or HR representative.

More information about safety is available on the Campus Safety and Security website.

Leave and Flexible Work Option Available for Staff

Staff experiencing family or domestic violence can access leave options as outlined in the University's staff agreements. You should speak to your Manager or HR representative to assist you in assessing what leave options are available to you. Any application for leave will be considered in confidence between a staff member, the staff member's direct supervisor and HR representative.

You can also request to enter into a flexible working arrangement. Visit the Flexible Work Option webpage to find out more about requesting flexible working arrangements, and what option are available or you can speak to your Manager or HR representative.

Additional Resources and Information

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