Statement of Support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Professor Michelle Trudgett (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Leadership) and Equity and Diversity have worked together to create an opportunity for students and staff to demonstrate their support and commitment to voting ‘Yes’ at the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. To show this commitment, we invite students and staff to sign the pledge below to show your support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Western Sydney University is deeply committed to working with Indigenous communities and appreciates the significant contributions Indigenous staff, students and Elders generously provide to the University. The University is proud to enact the ambitious strategies that position the University as a national and international leader in Indigenous education, engagement and research – notably our 2020-2025 Indigenous Strategy and the 2023-2032 Indigenous Futures Decadal Strategy.

Australians will soon vote in a referendum to determine whether to amend the Constitution to establish an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The University acknowledges the diverse views held on this matter, including within the University community, and respects the opinions of all individuals. The University supports the Model Code for Protection of Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom in Australian Higher Education Providers (as proposed by the Hon. Robert French AC), which is adopted and embodied within the University’s Freedom of Speech Policy. Supporting freedom of speech recognises the importance of critical and free inquiry, informed intellectual discourse, and respectful public debate. This coexists with the University’s strategic principle of equity, underpinning our long-standing commitment to enhancing the lives of students, people and communities by promoting fairness, social justice and opportunities for success.

The University continues to actively enable and support free and respectful discussion, openly share information and ideas enabling the advancement of knowledge and ultimately informed decision-making across the University and community in relation to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

The Voice to Parliament will enable Indigenous Australians the opportunity to provide their opinions on matters that impact them, their families, and communities and will play a significant role in healing the nation and in supporting our journey towards true reconciliation.

As a university community, we are committed to empowering the diverse Indigenous communities within the Western Sydney region we serve. We reaffirm our ambition and commitment to enable and nurture the next generation of Indigenous leaders, educators and academics and to support reconciliation across our region and nation.

Commit to the Statement  of support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament from Western Sydney University

We invite students and staff to join us in pledging support for this campaign. Together we can enact positive change in our society.

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