State of the Youth Sector (NSW)

The State of the Youth Sector report provides a snapshot of youth services in NSW and aims to help the sector articulate and advocate for its value and impact in the community and for young people across the state. To inform the report, Youth Action and Young and Resilient conducted the ‘Your Youth Sector’ survey in 2019, which was the largest survey of the NSW youth sector in a decade.

State of the Youth Sector

The survey called for directors, managers and youth workers to share their experiences working in the youth sector, and collected data about demand, activities and priorities. The study will provide crucial information to inform sector and policy making, as well as to identify ways to build on the strengths of the youth services sector.


Associate Professor Philippa Collin


September 2019 – April 2020

Research Outputs

Snapshot 2020: NSW Youth Sector (2020)

In partnership with Youth Action, Young and Resilient academics conducted the largest survey of the NSW Youth Sector in a decade. Snapshot 2020 provides a current picture of the youth sector in NSW, outlining the services, workforce, and the young people they serve, how services are adapting to the digital age as well as future opportunities for the sector. All of this is in the face of considerable challenges and uncertainty that young people face in the state of NSW.

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