Pasifika Achievement To Higher Education (PATHE)

Opening doors for Pacific communities

Western’s Pasifika Achievement to Higher Education (PATHE) program looks to empower Pacific communities to aspire to further education and training with options to develop and gain new skills and knowledge. PATHE aims to give Pasifika people greater opportunities across life. With a focus on student support, outreach activities and innovative projects, PATHE strives to encourage primary school (year 5 & 6), high school (year 7-12) and current Western Sydney University students to recognise the potential within.

PATHE in Primary School (Year 5 and 6)

Participating in the iCAN workshops helps students develop a positive self-image and attitude towards higher education as well as changing perspectives to seek study pathways and possible career options.

PATHE in High School (Year 9 - 12)

PATHE in Year 7 and 8 places focus on setting foundations through discovering different learning preferences. Opportunities are offered to selected Year 8 students to explore Hawkesbury campus to engage in workshops that focus on sustainability and the environment.

PATHE’s Annual Year 9 Chase the Dream Conference - Selected Year 9 students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of workshops designed to encourage students to dream big and to look forwards to what the future will bring. Students also have the opportunity to hear from Pacific professionals from various fields and to gain a better understanding of what opportunities are available post school based on their interests.

Year 10 Leadership Summit - Selected Year 10 students engage in workshops designed to encourage students to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Students engage in workshops such as Pacific leadership in a Western landscape.

Year 11 Check it Out Campus Tours - Year 11 students are invited onto one of our campuses to participate in activities tailored to create discussions regarding career pathways and the opportunity to visit two different faculties to enhance their knowledge and gain practical experience on different courses. This is followed an interactive tour of the campus.

PATHE for Current University Students

All Pasifika students across six of Western's campuses are invited to our fortnightly Sessions for Success. These sessions complement their academic studies and give students a voice to discuss their success and challenges as a Pacific student whilst identifying strategies to address any issues they may face. Sessions vary from developing essential skills such as critical thinking to tools to increase their chances of employment.

Celebrate Pasifika is an event to welcome Pacific students who are first in families to pursue further education. It will also provide the opportunity for parents and carers to learn more about university and campus life. Parents will also discover some valuable options for their child once they leave school as well as how to support them through the final stages of secondary education.

Another event is the Fala Chats Speakers Panel, where prominent Pacific leaders share their stories and journeys with current university and prospective students. These sessions are to encourage students to pursue higher education.

PATHE in the Community

PATHE proactively collaborates with key stakeholders in greater western Sydney as a means to contribute to the vision of seeing more Pacific people meaningfully engaged in creating career and vocational goals. Working with over 80 primary and high schools, a further 40 community groups including sporting, youth agencies and religious groups are accessed and supported. Some of the community groups we work with are National Rugby League In League In Harmony (NRL) and OneLove Mentoring.

In addition, a specific curriculum has been developed to engage young people, educators, and parents through workshops that integrate specific cultural perspectives and practices. Our PATHE university students also act as Ambassadors across our outreach activities, sharing their stories while being real life examples of Pacific people striving to achieve.

NRL visit with PATHE students

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