School Programs

Widening Participation

Making higher education accessible to all

Part of our mission at Western Sydney University is to champion higher education and make it accessible for all who want to pursue it. We do so through a range of Widening Participation programs that encourage primary and high school students, from non-traditional and low socio-economic backgrounds, to see their participation in higher education as not only achievable, but a setting in which they can thrive in.

Our initiatives and programs work towards meeting, and surpassing, participation targets set by the Federal Government that twenty percent of students enrolled in undergraduate studies should be from low socioeconomic backgrounds by the year 2020.

Years 9 - 12
Years 5 and 6
Years 9 - 12 and Current University Students
Primary / high school students and current university students
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in years 3 - 6
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in years 7 - 12
Local company and charity educational partnerships
Years 9 - 12 students