Refugee, New & Emerging Communities

Years 9 - 12, Current Students

Starting a new life in a new land can be a daunting experience, and often an isolating one.

Our Refugee, New & Emerging Communities program aims to help people in these communities see the opportunity and value of further education. Working with refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers the program provides much needed information and experiences that empowers prospective students to see tertiary study as a realistic and viable option and something they can achieve.

Participating in experiential learning opportunities on campus gives them the necessary information needed to make an informed decision about further study while familiarising themselves with our University environment. Through this program and by working in partnership with our communities, we aim to contribute to the development, well-being and prosperity of the communities and regions we serve, starting with Western Sydney.

Years 9 - 12

Students in years 9 through 11 are invited to attend a Refugee, New & Emerging Communities Taster Day at several of our University campuses. Here, they participate in workshops on career pathways and matching personal interests to careers as well as see first-hand what University has to offer them. They meet current Western students and participate in “University Taster” sessions from degrees offered at Western.

Students also engage in In-School Workshops led by staff from the University. These sessions encourage discussion around educational aspirations and help students grow in confidence and gain skills. Topics covered include Recognising Personal Strengths, Multiple Intelligences, What Uni is Really Like and sessions in Effective Scholarship Writing.

Current WSU Students

For students currently at Western, additional information and support is offered through our Campfire Chats program. The program aims to give students the support they need to make a smooth transition from high school to university and provide ongoing support through to graduation. Many of the students involved take on leadership opportunities and become role models for younger students entering the program.

In addition, students have now taken the lead and formed the United Voices Students Club, an independent, student run club that offers students peer support and interaction. The program is supported by the Campus Life and the Student Experience Office and acts as a supplement to the Campfire Chats.

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