Academy U

Years 9 - 12

Academy U delivers unique experiences and learning opportunities to inspire and support high potential high school students to reach their unlimited potential. 

High potential and gifted students are often eager to engage with more challenging content than what the traditional curriculum can offer. 

The Academy U program prepares students for a succesful transition to university and exposes them to new study and career pathways that they may not have considered previously. 

Getting Involved

In Academy U, students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and the chance to connect with Academic staff and industry partners at our on-campus experiences. Students will have the opportunity to complete a first year unit at Western, obtaining academic credit towards a corresponding Western course. Students will also have access to all online learning modules, masterclasses and Western events.

Schools that wish to participate in Academy U will need to express their interest by completing the form below. 

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