What knowledge and skills do Australians need to become successful and responsible media participants in a digital age?

This Advancing Media Literacy in Australia research program is concerned with the media knowledge and skills Australian citizens already have – and need – to fully participate in society.

The program has carried out qualitative and quantitative research with young people and adults and has supported extensive public engagement through symposium events, a national Summit, exhibitions, industry and policy engagement consultations and media workshops.

Past research projects have examined young people’s news engagement and adult media literacy abilities.

The research team has applied the program’s research findings and media literacy framework to provide advice and support to a number of Australian media literacy research programs and projects including SquizKids NewsHounds curriculum, the Alannah and Madelaine Foundation’s Media Literacy Lab, the Australian Associated Press Factcheck Advocacy Campaign (AAP), the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s Media Literacy program, the Museum of Australian Democracy’s Media Literacy resources and their Truth, Power & a Free Press exhibition, and the evaluation design of the InQueensland Media Academy training program.

The program collaborates with the Australian Media Literacy Alliance (ALIA).

Since its inception in 2017, the program has received funding grants from the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Google Australia and Facebook.