Addressing Misinformation with Media Literacy through Cultural Institutions (2023-2026)

This project partners with four Australian public cultural institutions to increase adult media literacy: ABC Education, The Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and the Australian Library and Information Association. Through an action-based, mixed methods approach, the project investigates adults’ experiences with online misinformation and assesses their ability to identify and challenge it. Research findings will be used to inform the design and evaluation of targeted evidence-based media literacy initiatives that will be shared across broadcast media, physical spaces and online. Through these initiatives Australians will be better equipped to combat misinformation. Funding is provided by the Australian Research Council Linkage Program.

Understanding and Developing Media Literacy in Australia (2022-2023)

This project focused on reviewing and updating the Adult Media Literacy Survey and the News and Young Australian Survey ready for further implementation in 2023. The funding also supported the inaugural Australian Media Literacy Summit, which was organised by the in Australian Media Literacy Alliance (AMLA) which was attended by more than 200 people. Funding was provided by Meta Australia.

Adult Media Literacy in Australia Project (2020-2021)

The ability to access, analyse, evaluate, and create different forms of communication is essential for full participation in civic life. The Adult Media Literacy in Australia Project (2020-2021) investigated adult media literacy levels, needs and gaps in Australia. Working in partnership with the Australian Media Literacy Alliance (AMLA), the research team implemented a national survey and carried out expert interviews. This research was then used to consult with 89 organisations from across Australia to develop a vision and plan for a national strategy for media literacy that will benefit all Australians. Funding was provided by the National Association of Media Literacy Education in the United States (NAMLE) in collaboration with Meta. Read more.

Young Australians News Literacy (2018-2020)

To develop the news media literacy of young Australians, we partnered with Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD). This project supported and complemented a new exhibition at MoAD titled, Truth Power and a Free Press The project activities included a national survey of young people’s news engagement, a survey of teacher attitudes toward teaching news literacy and a study of the Australian news media to examine the inclusion and representation of young Australians in the news. Engagement events included a mentoring News Champion program, training workshops and contributions to a semi-permanent exhibition. Read more.

Supporting Media Literacy Initiatives

The research team has applied the program’s research findings and the media literacy framework to provide advice and support to a number of Australian media literacy research programs and projects including SquizKids NewsHounds curriculum, the Alannah and Madelaine Foundation’s Media Literacy Lab, the Australian Associated Press Factcheck Advocacy Campaign (AAP), the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s Media Literacy program, the Museum of Australian Democracy’s Media Literacy resources and their Truth, Power & a Free Press exhibition and the evaluation of the InQueensland Media Academy training.