Media Literacy Framework

For several decades in Australia, media educators have used a core concepts framework to design learning courses and materials.

However, this framework was created for an era of one-to-many media.

We consulted young people, media literacy educators and stakeholders to reimagine this media literacy framework for an interactive, mobile and social media era.

While we still use the five core concepts that were included in the original media literacy framework used in Australia, we have now added a sixth concept: relationships. This new concept recognises that media are now very often experienced relationally, that is as part of an interaction with others.

In addition, we have embedded these core concepts into 10 capabilities that set out what media literacy education needs to achieve.

This framework is underpinned with our definition of media literacy:

“Media literacy is the ability to critically engage with media in all aspects of life. It is a form of lifelong literacy that is essential for full participation in society.”

This Media Literacy framework has been adopted for use by the Australian Media Literacy Alliance.

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