Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson

Profile photo of Dr Shanthi RobertsonShanthi Robertson is an Associate Professor in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts and an Institute Fellow. A sociologist, Shanthi primarily researches in the areas of migration and diversity, youth studies and urban social change.

She completed an Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowship on Asian temporary migrants to Australia and is currently Chief Investigator on three ARC Discovery and Linkage projects that focus on: the economic, social and civic outcomes of transnational youth mobility for young people moving into and out of Australia for work, leisure and study; the role of autonomous technology in the social inclusion of migrants living with disability in Sydney; and the changing social civic practices in Sydney suburbs with high numbers of Chinese heritage residents.

She has worked on a number of consultancies and research partnerships with government, non-government and corporate partners, and is a frequent national media commentator on migration and cultural diversity issues, recently featured in the four-part SBS documentary Who Gets to Stay in Australia (opens in a new window).


  • Graduate Certificate Tertiary Teaching and Learning, 2010, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • PhD (International Studies), 2009, RMIT University, Melbourne
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate, 2003, Language Specialists International, Berlin
  • BA (Hons, European Studies), 2002, University of Western Australia

Awards and Recognition

  • 2014: Raewyn Connell Prize
  • 2011: RMIT University Teaching Excellence Award: Early Career Academic
  • 2005: Australian Postgraduate Award

Selected Publications

Robertson, Shanthi and Roberts, Rosie (eds.) (In Press). Rethinking Privilege and Social Mobility in Middle-Class Migration: Migrants ‘In-Between’. London: Routledge.

Robertson, Shanthi (2021) Temporality in Mobile Lives: Contemporary Asia–Australia Migration and Everyday Time (opens in a new window). Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Robertson, Shanthi. (2013) Transnational Student-Migrants and the State: The Education-Migration Nexus (opens in a new window). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Robertson, Shanthi. (2020) Suspending, settling, sponsoring: the intimate chronomobilities of young Asian migrants in Australia (opens in a new window), Global Networks.

Harris, Anita, Baldassar Loretta & Robertson Shanthi (2020) Settling Down in Time & Place? Changing Intimacies in Mobile Young People's Migration & Life Courses (opens in a new window), Population, Space & Place.

Dal Maso, Giulia., Robertson, Shanthi and Rogers, Dallas. (2019) Cultural platform capitalism: extracting value from cultural asymmetries in RealTech (opens in a new window). Social & Cultural Geography, pp.1-16.

Robertson, Shanthi. (2018) ‘Migrant, interrupted’: The temporalities of ‘staggered’ migration from Asia to Australia (opens in a new window). Current Sociology.

Tuxen, Nonie and Robertson, Shanthi. (2018) Brokering international education and (re)producing class in Mumbai (opens in a new window). International Migration.

Robertson, Shanthi. (2018) Status-making: Rethinking migrant categorization (opens in a new window). Journal of Sociology

Robertson, Shanthi, Harris, Anita & Baldassar, Loretta. (2018) Mobile transitions: a conceptual framework for researching a generation on the move (opens in a new window), Journal of Youth Studies, pp. 1-15. DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2017.1362101.

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