Mapping the Educational Experiences of Refugee Students (MEERS)

Various community, government and non-government organisations have provided considerable assistance to schools with enrolments of refugee students. Recent studies, however, suggest that not only far more is needed, but that further research is required to gauge refugee students’ experiences of schooling and whether current practice is addressing their needs and those of teachers. This is the aim of the proposed project. Through a detailed qualitative enquiry, it will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the experiences of refugee students in NSW schools together with accumulating accounts of good practice in the area regarding curriculum, pedagogy and wider school programs. This research will be used to inform professional learning materials for NSW teachers building their capacity to support refugee students and their families.

Researchers: Professor Megan Watkins (ICS), Professor Greg Noble (ICS), Dr Alex Wong (ICS)

Funding: New South Wales Teachers’ Federation

Period: 2017–2019

Project report: IT’S COMPLEX! Working with Students of Refugee Backgrounds and their Families in New South Wales Public Schools (opens in a new window) (PDF 2.7MB)