Dr Alexandra Wong

Research Fellow

Portrait photo of Alexandra WongAlexandra Wong is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society. She is currently working on the ARC Discovery Project ‘The China Australia Heritage Corridor’ (2017-2020) with Assoc. Professor Denis Byrne and Distinguished Professor Ien Ang to research the historical and contemporary connections between China and Australia through the transnational flow of materials, knowledge, capital and people.

Alexandra joined the Institute in 2012 to work on the ARC Linkage Project 'Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century' with Professors Ien Ang, Donald McNeill and Kay Anderson (2012-2015). Previously she worked at the Urban Research Centre at WSU as a Research Project Officer for the ARC Discovery Project ‘Developing Criteria to help solve Australia’s urban crisis’ (2010-2012).

In her capacity as an Engaged Research Fellow at the ICS (2017-2019), Alexandra participated in several consultancy projects commissioned by the government and industry bodies. She was a Research Analyst in the City of Sydney’s cultural space and infrastructure studies (2016-2018) and NSW Teachers’ Federation’s study on the educational experiences of students with a refugee background in NSW public schools (2018). Her reports published from these projects have informed public discussion and policy processes.

Alexandra received interdisciplinary training from her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, UK (2009). Her research is focussing on three areas of interests, (1) creative cities and cultural policies (2) migration and multiculturalism (3) urban studies and sustainable development. Her past research has covered topics on cultural infrastructure, Chinese diaspora, ethnic relations, housing, multicultural education, entrepreneurship, urban infrastructure crisis, heritage management and ‘just’ economic transition.

Alexandra’s publications appeared in journals such as Geographical Research, Australian Geographer and International Journal of Housing Policy. Her paper, co-authored with Dr Dallas Roger (Syd U) and Jacqueline Nelson (UTS) was awarded the Dorothy R Taylor Award for the best paper published in Australian Geographer in 2017.  Her book, co-authored with Professors Kay Anderson, Ien Ang, Donald McNeill and Dr Andrea Del Bono, titled ‘Chinatown Unbound: Trans-Asian Urbanism in the Age of China’ was published by Rowan and Littlefield International in 2019.


  • PhD (Management), 2009,University of Edinburgh, UK
  • MSc by Research (Business Studies), 2001, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • MLitt (Management, Economics and International Relations), 2000, University of St Andrews, UK
  • BSSc (Hons) (Journalism and Communications), 1996, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Focus

Alexandra's research explores the interplay of creativity, culture and urban studies and is focussing on three areas:

  1. Creative cities and cultural policies
  2. Migration and multiculturalism
  3. Urban studies and sustainable development

Selected Awards and Recognition

  • 2017 Dorothy R Taylor Award for the best paper published in Australian Geographer in 2017
  • 2006 Edinburgh University Management School Travel Grant
  • 2005 Triple Helix Conference Grant
  • 1994-96 Outstanding Academic Award, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications

Anderson, K, Ang, I, Del Bono, A, McNeill, D & Wong, A 2019, Chinatown unbound: trans-Asian urbanism in the age of China, Rowman & Littlefield International, London & New York.

Crabtree, L, Wong, A, Dollin, J, Perry, N, Lewis, L, Healy, S, & Mellick Lopes, A 2019, Reimagining Lithgow: Enacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a regional city, A White Paper, July, Western Sydney University, Sydney, pp. 1-64.

Watkins, M, Noble, G & Wong, A 2019, It’s Complex: Working with students of refugee backgrounds and their families in New South Wales public schools, New South Wales Teachers Federation, Sydney. pp. 1-98.

Wong, A & Ang, I 2018, ‘From Chinatown to China’s town? The newest Chinese diaspora and the socio-economic and cultural transformation of Sydney’s Chinatown and beyond’, in YW Chan and SY Koh (eds), New Chinese migration: mobility, home, inspiration, Routledge, Oxford, pp. 21-38.

Ang, I, Rowe, R, Stevenson, D, Magee, L, Wong, A, Swist, T and Pollio, A 2018, Planning cultural creation and production in Sydney: A venue and infrastructure needs analysis, Western Sydney University, Penrith, pp. 1-98.

Rogers, D, Nelson, J & Wong A 2018, ‘Geographies of hyper-commodified housing: foreign capital, market activity and housing stress’, Geographical Research, vol. 56, no.4, pp.434–446.

Wong, A, Holmes, S & Schaper, MT 2018, 'How do small business owners actually make their financial decisions? Understanding SME financial behaviour using a case-based approach', Small Enterprise Research, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 36-51.

Rogers, D, Wong, A & Nelson, J 2017, 'Public perceptions of foreign and Chinese real estate investment: intercultural relations in Global Sydney', Australian Geographer, vol. 48, no. 4, pp. 437-455.

Wong, A 2017, 'Transnational real estate in Australia: new Chinese diaspora, media representation and urban transformation in Sydney's Chinatown'International Journal of Housing Policy, vol. 17, no, 1, pp. 97-119.

Ang, I, Rowe, D, Magee, L, Wong, A, Swist, T, Rouillard, D & Polio, A 2016, Mapping culture: Venues and infrastructure in the City of Sydney, Western Sydney University, Penrith, September, pp. 1-194.

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