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Portrait photo of Alexandra WongAlexandra Wong is an Engaged Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society. She has completed three projects during her time with the ICS, including an ARC Linkage Project 'Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century' with Professors Ien Ang, Donald McNeill and Kay Anderson (2012-2015), a survey with Dr Dallas Rogers and Dr Jacqueline Nelson (UTS) on 'Public Perception of Foreign Housing Investment in Sydney' (2015-2016), and a consultancy project 'Mapping Cultural Venues and Infrastructure in the City of Sydney LGA' with Professors Ien Ang, David Rowe and other ICS researchers for the City of Sydney (2016). She is currently working on a book about small firms and entrepreneurship with Professor Scott Holmes (School of Business), which is going to be published by Taylor & Francis in 2017.

Alexandra is experienced in project management and using different qualitative and quantitative methods in her research, including interviews, participant observations, focus groups, survey questionnaires and statistical analysis. Her doctoral thesis 'Cluster Building by Policy Design' used the sociotechnical constituency approach to examine the building processes of the ICT clusters in Scotland and Hong Kong. Her research explores the interplay of innovation/creativity, culture and urban theories which covers a wide range of topics such as cultural economy, knowledge cities, migration, housing, multiculturalism, innovation and entrepreneurship. Alexandra previously worked in the financial sector and was involved in the administration of two academic journals (Geographical Research and Edinburgh Review, a Scottish Literary Journal).


2009, PhD (Management), University of Edinburgh, UK

2001, MSc by Research (Business Studies), University of Edinburgh, UK

2000, MLitt (Management, Economics and International Relations), University of St Andrews, UK

1996, BSSc (Hons) (Journalism and Communications), Chinese University of Hong Kong

Honours and Awards

2006 Edinburgh University Management School Travel Grant

2005 Triple Helix Conference Grant

1994-96 Outstanding Academic Award, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications


Anderson, K, Ang, I, del Bono, A, McNeill, D & Wong, A (in press) 2019, Chinatown unbound: trans-Asian urbanism in the age of China (opens in a new window), Rowman & Littlefield, London & New York.

Book chapters

Wong A 2018, ‘Transnational real estate in Australia: new Chinese diaspora, media representation and urban transformation in Sydney’s Chinatown’, in D Rogers & SY Koh (eds), The globalisation of real estate: the politics and practice of foreign real estate investment (opens in a new window), Routledge.

Wong, A & Ang, I 2018, ‘From Chinatown to China’s town? The newest Chinese diaspora and the socio-economic and cultural transformation of Sydney’s Chinatown and beyond’, in YW Chan and SY Koh (eds), New Chinese migration: mobility, home, inspiration, Routledge, Oxford, pp. 21-38.

Rogers, D, Nelson, J & Wong A 2017, ‘Full house: how property pressures impact intercultural relations’, in G Earl (ed.), Disruptive Asia: Asia’s rise and Australia’s future, Asia Society Australia, Sydney, pp. 47-50.

Journal Articles

Rogers, D, Nelson, J & Wong A 2018, ‘Geographies of hyper-commodified housing: foreign capital, market activity and housing stress’, Geographical Research, doi.org/10.1111/1745-5871.12280.

Wong, A, Holmes, S & Schaper, MT 2018, 'How do small business owners actually make their financial decisions? Understanding SME financial behaviour using a case-based approach' (opens in a new window), Small Enterprise Research, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 36-51.

Rogers, D, Wong, A & Nelson, J 2017, 'Public perceptions of foreign and Chinese real estate investment: intercultural relations in Global Sydney' (opens in a new window), Australian Geographer, vol. 48, no. 4, pp. 437-455 (paper received Dorothy R Taylor Award for best paper published in Australian Geographer in 2017).

Wong, A 2017, 'Transnational real estate in Australia: new Chinese diaspora, media representation and urban transformation in Sydney's Chinatown' (opens in a new window), International Journal of Housing Policy, vol. 17, no, 1, pp. 97-119.

Wong, A 2014, 'Sydney's blooming Chinatown', Asian Currents, February, pp. 2-23.


Watkins, M, Noble, G & Wong, A 2019, It’s complex: working with students of refugee backgrounds and their families in New South Wales public schools (PDF, 2779.61 KB) (opens in a new window), New South Wales Teachers Federation, Sydney.

Ang, I, Rowe, R, Stevenson, D, Magee, L, Wong, A, Swist, T and Pollio, A 2018, Planning cultural creation and production in Sydney: a venue and infrastructure needs analysis, Western Sydney University, Penrith.

Ang, I, Rowe, D, Magee, L, Wong, A, Swist, T, Rouillard, D & Polio, A 2016, Mapping culture: venues and infrastructure in the City of Sydney (opens in a new window)(PDF, 11.6MB), Western Sydney University, Penrith, September, pp. 1-194.

Ang, I, Rowe, D, Magee, L, Wong, A, Swist, T, Rouillard, D & Pollio, A 2016, Mapping culture: venues and infrastructure in the City of Sydney: draft report for the City of Sydney, June, pp. 1-117.

Wong, A, Anderson, K, Ang, I & McNeill, D 2016, Sydney's Chinatown in the Asian Century: from ethnic enclave to global hub: final report, June, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, pp. 1-81.

Wong, A 2014, City of Sydney floorspace and employment survey: report on core Chinatown precinct 2007-2012, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, pp. 1-44.

Wong, A 2012, Understanding cities and urban cultures in Sydney: a scoping paper, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, pp. 1-12.

O'Neill, P, Dimeski, B & Wong, A 2011, Developing a Penrith valley economic corridor, Urban Research Centre, Western Sydney University, pp. 1-29.


Wong, A 2017 ‘Mobility of Asian urbanism and the re-configuration of Sydney's Chinatown’, AusMob Launch Symposium, 7-9 December, University of Melbourne.

Wong, A 2016, ‘Sydney, real estate and the rise of China: Asian urbanism and the re-configuration of Chinatown’, Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, 14-17 December, University of Sydney.

Wong, A 2014, 'The Cultural Economy of Sydney's Chinatown: a Case Study of Chinatown's Ethnic Culinary Industry', Knowledge/Culture/Economy International Conference, Western Sydney University.

Wong, A 2014, 'The Newest Chinese Diaspora and the Socio-spatial Transformation of Sydney's Chinatown', Cities, Mobile Subjects and Transformations in Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific Workshop, Western Sydney University.

Wong, A 2006, 'Exploring the Differences, Similarities and Complementarities of Six Frameworks in Studying Innovation Systems: a Comparative Review of Geography-based and Technology-based Approaches', DIME WP2.3 Workshop, Lund University, Sweden.

Wong, A 2005, 'Policy Issues in the Cluster Building Process: a Cross-country Study of the ICT Clusters in Hong Kong and Scotland', 5th Triple Helix Conference, Turin, Italy.

Wong, A 2004, 'A Study of the Information Communication Technology Cluster in Scotland', 1st International PRIME Doctoral Conference, University of Brighton, UK.


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