Dr Youqing Fan

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Youqing Fan is a school-based member of ICS joining the institute in early 2018. He previously worked in universities in China and Australia. Driven by the value of accountability, the key focus of his research is to address the inquiry that: how business and management can be done in a way that is accountable to the broader society and to nature? Particularly, my research takes a holistic approach enquiring the interactions between the three pillars of sustainability (i.e. economic, social and environmental sustainability).

At the organisational level, he examines how employees and teams were (de)motivated by certain organisational characteristics which are shaped by the culture and society that the organisation is embedded in. At the intermediate level of business-society interface, he investigates how firms respond to the external requirements imposed by the human society, which may include culture, norms and/or institutions etc. At this level, he also looks at how production management can be conducted in a way that is sustainable for workers and human society.

At a societal level, he explores the pathway through which migrant workers secure employment, income and housing in urban society, as well as how certain characteristics of migrant workers change the way firm management policies is designed, for example, firm work-life balance policies.


  • PhD (Management), 2012, Monash University, Australia
  • MSci (Social Policy and Welfare), 2007, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
  • BSci, (Public Management), 2004, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

Research Focus

  • Human resource management and organisational behaviour
  • Work and employment relations
  • Migrant workers and urbanisation
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Supply Chain management and sustainability

Awards and Recognition

  • 2018: Visiting scholar fellowship, July–December 2018, funded by Western Sydney University Academic Development Program, AUD$8,000.
  • 2018: ‘Are Unionized Foreign-Based Multinational Corporations More Productive In China? A Mixed Method Study’, Conference attendance for ILERA 2018, Seoul, South Korea, AUD$2,000, Western Sydney University.
  • 2017: ‘The Urban Integration of Rural Migrant Workers in Yunnan, China: A Mixed Method Study’, AUD$6,500, School of Business, Western Sydney University, Principal Investigator.
  • 2017: ‘Development of Green Supply Chain Management Performance Evaluation System’, AUD$6,500, School of Business, Western Sydney University, Co-investigator.
  • 2017: Workshop travel grant for an invited seminar at School of Management, Shanghai University and Business School, Nankai University, AUD$1,500, School Professional Development Fund, Western Sydney University.
  • 2016: ‘The Impact of National Supply Chain Capabilities on Firm’s Sustainable Performance: A Multi-National Study’, AUD$3,500, School of Business, Western Sydney University.
  • 2016: Workshop Travel Grant for presentation at ‘Social Identity in the Workplace and Employee Engagement- An International Research Symposium’, Australian Catholic University, AUD$465, School Professional Development Fund, Western Sydney University.
  • 2015: ‘The Multiple Modes of Governance of CSR in China’, Conference attendance for IACMR 2016, AUD$1,500, Western Sydney University.
  • 2015: ‘Poverty Alleviation Strategy to Poverty-stricken Ethnic Border Minorities – An Inclusive Pro-Poor Growth Perspective’, National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), RMB 340,000, Co-investigator.
  • 2014: ‘CSR Practices and Firm Performance in Chinese Firms’, RMB 15,000, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, UNNC, Principle Investigator.
  • 2014: ‘Union activities, CSR Reporting and Firm Performance in Chinese Public Companies’, RMB 15,000, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, UNNC, Principle Investigator.
  • 2014: ‘CSR Practices and Employee Commitment in Chinese Firms’, RMB10,000, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, UNNC, Principle Investigator.
  • 2014: School Conference Attendance Funding, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, UNNC, conferences attended include AEA2015 and EGOS 2015, RMB30,000.
  • 2013: School Conference Attendance Funding, School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, UNNC, conferences attended include ILPC2014, London, RMB15,000.
  • 2013: ‘Settlement Intention of Migrant Workers from Rural China’, Visiting Scholar Host Scheme, UNNC, RMB20,000, Principle Investigator.
  • 2012: Honorarium, New York University Conference on the Chinese Labor Market, Labor and Employment Law and U.S.-Asia Institute, NYU Law School, USD$1,000.
  • 2009: Doctoral Scholarship, Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand 2009 Annual Meeting, AUD$750.
  • 2008-2012: ‘Union revitalisation with Chinese Characteristics – Understanding the innovation and change in Chinese trade unions in MNCs’, Doctoral study funded by Australian Endeavour Postgraduate Award, AUD$200,000, Principal Investigator.
  • 2008: Endeavour Postgraduate Award

Selected Publications

Lau, H., Shum, P., Nakandala, D., Fan, Y.*, Lee, C. (2019) A Game Theoretic Decision Model for Organic Food Supplier Evaluation in the Global Supply Chains, Journal of Cleaner Production (JCR IF: 6.395; ABDC A, *Corresponding author).

Fan, Y. Li, B., Lee, C.C. (2019) Affordable housing lessons from Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore: 3 keys to getting the policy mix right (opens in a new window), TheConversation.com, September 19th, 2019.

Chen, S., Fan, Y. and Zhang, G. (2019) Collectivism-oriented Human Resource Management on Team Creativity: Effects of interpersonal harmony and Human Resource Management strength, International Journal of Human Resource Management (JCR IF: 3.150; ABDC: A).

Bi, L.*, Fan, Y.*, Gao, M, Lee, C.L. and Yin, G. (2019) Spatial Mismatch, Enclave Effects and Migrant Workers’ Income: Empirical evidence from Yunnan province, China, Habitat International, vol. 86, April 2019, pp. 48-60. (JCR IF: 3.846, ABDC: A, *equal contribution, author names appear in alphabetical order).

Fang, T., Ge, Y. and Fan, Y. (2018) Unions and the Productivity Performance of Multinational Enterprises: Evidence from China, Asian Business and Management (JCR IF: 1.231; ABDC: C).

Lee, C.C., Piracha, A. and Fan, Y. (2018) Another tale of two cities: How Sydney is divided by residents’ accessibility to jobs along the latte line (opens in a new window), TheConversation.com, June 20th, 2018.

Fan, Y. (2014) Retrieving the Missing Transmission Belt in Community-Based Small Workplaces? The “Professional Union Leader and Organizer Program” in China, in Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms, vol. 15, pp. 51-72.

Fan, Y., Gu, X. and Gao, M. (2007) 'Horizontal equity on financing: performance appraisal for the social assistance programs in urban and rural China', Journal of Finance and Economics: Caijing Yanjiu, vol. 33, no. 10, pp. 16 - 27. (h5-index: 21; Cited for 21 times and downloaded for 1,156 times in CNKI/China National Knowledge Infrastructure database).

Gu, X., Fan, Y. and Gao, M. (2007) 'Equity in financing of social assistance in urban and rural China', Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance: Guojia Xingzheng Xueyuan Xuebao, vol. 1, pp. 28 - 32. (h5-index: 16; Cited for 10 times and downloaded for 728 times in CNKI database).

Gu, X., Gao, M. and Fan, Y. (2006) 'Making public services work for poor people: the construction of urban Medicaid system in China', Chinese Public Administration: Zhongguo Xingzheng Guanli, vol. 12 , pp. 83 - 86. (h5-index: 21; Cited for 23 times and downloaded for 921 times in CNKI database).

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