Doctor Youqing Fan

Doctor Youqing Fan

Lecturer In Human Resource Management,
Human Resources And Management (sobus)


Prior to joining UWS, Dr Youqing Fan was an Asssitant Professor of Chinese business and economy at Nottingham University's China campus from 2013-2015.  He also used to serving as a teaching and research associate at University of Melbourne and Monash University from 2010-2013. 

Over the past 10 years, Dr Fan has won awards or scholarships from Australian and Chinese governments to fund his PhD, Master, and undergraduate studies.  Of particular importance is the highly competitive merit-based Award scheme, the Endeavour Postgraduate Award, which provided him an approximately AUD$200,000 funding in total for his PhD study in Australia.

Dr Fan warmly welcomes applications from prospective PhD students, who are interested in research on current business and management in China and Australia.  His specific research interest s and expertise are summarised below.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employee Voice
  • Development Studies in China

This information has been contributed by Doctor Fan.


  • PhD Monash University

Professional Memberships

  • EGOS (2015 - 2016)
  • American Economics Association (2015 - 2016)


  • Endeavour Postgraduate Award 2008-01-01
  • AIRAANZ postgraduate award 2009-01-21
  • School small research grant 2014-15 2015-02-01
  • School small research grant 2013-14 2014-02-01
  • School conference attendance funds 2014-09-15


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Development Studies
  • Employee Voice
  • Human resource management
  • Trade unions

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Human Resources And Management (sobus)


Phone: (02) 9685 9318
Location: 1.8

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200621 International Human Resource Management, 2016
  • 200717 Employment Relations Professional Practice, 2015
  • 200721 Reward Management, 2015


Chapters in Books

  • Fan, Y. (2014), 'Retrieving the missing transmission belt in community-based small workplaces? : the "professional union leader and organizer program" in China', International Perspectives on Participation, Emerald 9781784411695.

Journal Articles

  • Lau, H., Shum, P., Nakandala, D., Fan, Y. and Lee, C. (2020), 'A game theoretic decision model for organic food supplier evaluation in the global supply chains', Journal of Cleaner Production, vol 242 .
  • Fang, T., Ge, Y. and Fan, Y. (2019), 'Unions and the productivity performance of multinational enterprises : evidence from China', Asian Business & Management, vol 18, no 4 , pp 281 - 300.
  • Bi, L., Fan, Y., Gao, M., Lee, C. and Yin, G. (2019), 'Spatial mismatch, enclave effects and employment outcomes for rural migrant workers : empirical evidence from Yunnan Province, China', Habitat International, vol 86 , pp 48 - 60.
  • Chen, S., Fan, Y., Zhang, G. and Zhang, Y. (2019), '[In Press] Collectivism-oriented human resource management on team creativity : effects of interpersonal harmony and human resource management strength', The International Journal of Human Resource Management, .
  • Fan, Y., Gu, X. and Gao, M. (2007), 'Horizontal equity on financing : performance appraisal for the social assistance programs in urban and rural China', Journal of Finance and Economics: Caijing Tanjiu, vol 33, no 10 , pp 16 - 27.
  • Gu, X., Fan, Y. and Gao, M. (2007), 'Horizontal equity of social assistance in urban and rural China', DongYue Tribune: Dongyue Luncong, vol 28, no 1 , pp 63 - 66.
  • Gu, X., Fan, Y. and Gao, M. (2007), 'Equity in financing of social assistance in urban and rural China', Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance: Guojia Xingzheng Xueyuan Xuebao, vol 1 , pp 28 - 32.
  • Gu, X. and Fan, Y. (2006), 'An analysis of unionization in foreign-invested enterprises in China : a case study of the `Multinational Enterprises Unionization Issue'', Journal of Fujian Party School: Zhong-Gong Fujian Sheng-Wei Dangxiao Xuebao, vol 5 , pp 67 - 70.
  • Gu, X., Gao, M. and Fan, Y. (2006), 'Making public services work for poor people : the construction of urban Medicaid system in China', Chinese Public Administration: Zhongguo Xingzheng Guanli, vol 12 , pp 83 - 86.
  • Gu, X. and Fan, Y. (2005), 'Unionism against the background of globalization : experiences from some European countries', Issues of Contemporary World Socialism: Dangdai Shijie Shehuizhuyi Wenti, vol 4 , pp 58 - 65.

Conference Papers

  • Chan, C., Lau, H. and Fan, Y. (2018), 'IoT data acquisition in fashion retail application : fuzzy logic approach', International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Chengdu, China.
  • Wang, Y., Dadich, A. and Fan, Y. (2018), 'How does self-identity influence the experiences of floating populations? : an examination of the Lao Piao group in Australia', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International conference, Auckland, N.Z..
  • Wang, Y., Dadich, A. and Fan, Y. (2017), 'What influences satisfaction with rural medical insurance in China?', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, Melbourne, Vic..
  • Fan, Y. (2009), 'Union revitalisation with Chinese characteristics : empirical evidence from professional organiser/leader program', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, Melbourne, Vic..
  • Fan, Y. (2009), 'The revitalisation of Chinese unions' role of 'transmission belt' in the private sector : evidence from professional union leader practice in C city', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, Caberra, A.C.T..
  • Fan, Y. (2009), 'Union revitalisation with Chinese characteristics?', Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand. Conference, Newcastle, N.S.W..

Dr Fan’s research interests span Chinese management and business, Chinese employment relations , social and welfare policy, and political economy of contemporary China.  His research t ak es interdisciplinary approaches and the comparative perspective , deploying fieldwork survey and interview protocols , and using documentary and thematic data analysi s methods .

He published in the area of Chinese social and public policy, and industrial relations.  At the moment, he is revising his PhD thesis into a monograph to be published by Routledge Press. The thesis examines the ongoing transformation of Chin ese trade unions , and its implications on the future development of China’s industrial relations framework.  In addition, he is also in a process of revising and submitting several paper manuscripts to leading journals for publication.  

This information has been contributed by Doctor Fan.

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