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The University is proud to participate in the Science in Australia Gender Equity (opens in a new window) (SAGE) program, which promotes gender equity and gender diversity in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Along with 32 other universities and medical research institutions, Western Sydney University has signed up to participate in the SAGE pilot program, which is an opportunity for us to improve the promotion and retention of women in STEMM disciplines. The pilot program will see the University participate in a thorough self-assessment of our gender equity policy and practices, and address any future opportunities for promoting and retaining women in STEMM.

The program is based on the Athena Swan Charter, a UK-based evaluation and accreditation framework, which uses a bronze, silver or gold award rating system to assess the gender equity policies and practises of participating institutions. The awards are extremely rigorous and are cumulative, with each award only current for four years.

The University will use the SAGE program to go beyond gathering data and statistics, and paint an in-depth, qualitative picture on how the University is identifying and developing an inclusive culture. Using our collective SAGE wisdom it is envisaged that the insights and initiatives will flow beyond gender equity in science and into non-STEMM disciplines and across professional staff fields.

The program will be led by a self-assessment team, comprising of a mix of academic and professional staff with a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, to offer a range of insights to inform the application.

Upcoming Events

Research Week 2017 - SAGE Gender in the Workplace Seminar

The Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Program is coordinating a 'Gender in the Workplace' seminar as part of this years Research Week. The seminar will include presentations from staff across the University on critical issues affecting gender equality in industry, across academia, and here at Western Sydney University. These presentations will be followed by a panel discussion which will provide a productive forum for interdisciplinary discussion around gender and inequality. The intention of the event is to open debate about gender equality on a broad scale, working toward a wide-ranging and progressive discussion that generates ideas on how we move forward with gender equality at Western Sydney University.

To register your interest for the event, please email the SAGE Project Officer, Dr Kieryn McKay at

Invitation to Gender in the Workplace Seminar

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