Current Projects

Across MARCS, we are engaged with hundreds of research projects at any given time. MARCS research projects aim to have a profound impact in their particular field and often involve collaboration with local and international researchers. You can explore our current research projects here.


Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears
Cortical layers: examining the role of feedback in human visual perception.Kiley SeymourARC Discovery2021-2023
Imaging the human cerebellum during motor timing and learning  [Via UNSW].Peter KellerARC Discovery2021-2023
Multiple research project support – Language processingAnne CutlerCoEDL 2021 General Funding Scheme2021-2022
Making a talking dictionary for NgarinymanCaroline JonesFirst Languages Australia2021-2022
The ageing demographic of the Australian workforce - Work health and safety in an ageing workforce in two critical industries: Construction and NursingMark Antoniou
Celia Harris
Weicong Li
Jed Montayre
SafeWork NSW2021- 2023
Assessing Community Lifestyle Choices in Uruwa Wards, YUS Conservation Area,Hannah Sarvasy & Divine Word University PNGUSAid Cardno grant2021- 2022
"Rethinking Software for Co‐Research with Diverse Communities in the Digital Age"Rachel HenderyCoEDL New Initiative & Transdisciplinary Grant 20202020-2021
"Monitoring as a Driver of Differential Language Change"Luisa MiceliCoEDL New Initiative & Transdisciplinary Grant 20202020-2021
Is cross-situational word learning better in peer or individual learning contexts?Aisling MulvihillCoEDL New Initiative & Transdisciplinary Grant 20202020-2021
Acoustic description and prosodic conditioning of vowels in Drehu and Lifou FrenchCatalina TorresCoEDL Language Documentation Grant 20202020-2021
ChunkBank App Development Caroline JonesCoEDL Project Initiative Pool 20202020-2021
PNG VoicesHannah ServasyWhitlam Institute2020-2021
Mangarayyi Documentation projectMark RichardsFirst Languages Australia2020- 2021
Developing and Testing a Virtual CourtDavid TaitVictoria Court Services2020- 2021
ELLIC appMark RichardsDept of Education, Skills and Employment2020- 2021
The impact of compliant-soled shoes on the balance parameters in full-term and pre-term survivors in children aged 4 yearsGenevieve Dwyer
Paul Breen
Jennifer Roberts
South Western Sydney Local Health District2018-2022
ARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies. [via Uni Melb]André van SchaikARC Training Centre in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies2017-2022
Mood Regulation using music: A community health strategy for Improving Quality of life in people with mild dementiaSandra Garrido
Kate Stevens
Prosodic conditioning of the phonetic granularity of coarticulatory vowel nasalization in speech production and perception [via Hanyang University]Anne Cutler
Taehong Cho
Sahyang Kim
Holger Mitterer
National Research Foundation of Korea2016-2021
Sydney Partnership for Health Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) Frontiers Technology Clinical Academic Group: disruptive innovation in healthcareKate Stevens
Paul Breen
Gaetano Gargiulo
Sandra Garrido
Gough Lui
Don Wright
Gabrielle Weidemann
Tamara Watson
Gu Fang
Maridulu Budyari Gumal2016-2021
Development, testing and piloting of Moody Tunes: A smartphone app for mental healthSandra GarridoMental Health Commission of NSW2021
Impact of Stochastic Noise on Nocioception - Can Protective Sensation be Enhanced without Affecting Pain PerceptionPaul Breen
Matthew Malone
Jorge Serrador
David Mahns
South West Sydney Limb Preservation and Wound Research2021
Vagus nerve stimulation: optimising stimulation parameters to treat Chronic Fatigue SyndromeChloe Taylor
Alexander Burton
Paul Breen
tVNS Technologies GmbH2021
Smart Watch Digital Health Technology for Next Generation Psychological Virtual CareGough Lui
Mark Antoniou
Paul Breen
Virtual Psychologist Pty Ltd2021


Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears
Neuromorphic Muscle Activity Sensing and Processing for ProstheticsAndré van SchaikBaxter Charitable Foundation2020- 2022
Sprite Imaging with High Speed Neuromorphic Event Based Camera ImagingAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)2020- 2022
Event-based sensing in the underwater environmentGreg Cohen
Moritz Milde
André van Schaik
Saeed Afshar
Office of Naval Research2020- 2022
NSW TechVoucher - Development of combined electrical/mechanical sensing for human physiological monitoringGaetano Gargiulo
Paul Breen
Ganesh Naik
NSW Treasury/Medical Monitoring Solutions P/L2020- 2021
Smart Gloves for Surgical Skills TrainingGough Lui
Gaetano Gargiulo
Paul Breen
James N Kirby Foundation2019- 2022
Turn-key neuromorphic solution for deep learningAndré van Schaik
Mark Wang
Vijna Labs Pvt Ltd2019- 2022
Electronics design, assembly and testing for smart sensorPaul BreenMedical Monitoring Solutions P/L2021

Space & Defence

Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears
Decision making in uncertain, dynamic and complex information environmentsTomas TrescakDepartment of Defence2021-2022
Neuromorphic Processors for Cyber Security Applications at the Edge (NGTF)André van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Department of Defence2021- 2023
Examination of HMI features that support team-oriented adaptive autonomy for agile C2Chris StantonDepartment of Defence2021- 2022
Feasibility of Event Based Vision Sensors servicing the Artemis SpacecraftAndré van Schaik
Saeed Afshar
Thales / ICNS collaborative research agreement: Moon to Mars project2021- 2022
JP 9360André van Schaik
Greg Cohen
NPILF – WSU internal funding2021- 2022
Neuromorphic Audio-Visual Scene Analysis for Underwater Collision Avoidance (DIN Pilot Project)André van Schaik
Ying Xu
Saeed Afshar
DIN Pilot Project + UTS2021 - 2022
Training Packages and Arrangements for English Language Proficiency AssessorsDominique EstivalCivil Aviation Safety Authority2020- 2023
South Australian Multi Sensor Space ObservatoryGreg CohenDepartment of Defence/Silentium2020- 2021
Perceptual and Cognitive optimisation of visual augmented reality displays in simulated combat environmentsJohn Cass
Gabrielle Weidemann
Tamara Watson 
Chris Stanton
Tomas Trescak
Tijl Grootswagers
Jeff Foster
Michael Tyler
Department of Defence2019- 2023
Neuromorphic Vision Systems for Next Generation Space Situational AwarenessAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Defence Innovation Hub (DIH), Australia2019- 2022
Machine Learning for Networked Event Based Vision SensorsAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Northrop Grumman2019 - 2021
Event-Based Cameras and Their Potential Applications to Space Situational AwarenessAndré van Schaik
Greg Cohen
Airforce Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)2018- 2021

Early Life & Aged Care

Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears
Familiar places and familiar faces: exploring the role of familiarity in language use with and by older adultsCaroline Jones
Clair Hill
Maddie Radnan
Celia Harris
CoEDL 2021 General Funding Scheme2021-2022
Trialling the Listen N Talk app with culturally and linguistically diverse seniors in western SydneyCaroline Jones
Mark Richards
Clair Hill
Mark Antoniou
CoEDL 2021 General Funding Scheme2021-2022
The impact of music and musical abilities on cross-situational word learningEline SmitCoEDL New Initiative & Transdisciplinary Grant 20202021-2021
Origins of Phonology and Lexicon: Abstract representations before 6 months.Denis Burnham
Catherine Best
ARC Discovery2020-2022
Investigating the characteristics of older adults' conversation behaviour.Chris Davis
Jeesun Kim
Valerie Hazan
ARC Discovery2020-2022
Personalising Care of People with Dementia through music: Development and Evaluation of a training program for aged care workersSandra Garrido
Deborah Hatcher
Colm Cunningham
Holly Markwell
Dementia Australia2020-2022
Little Multilingual Minds (LMM)Paola EscuderoCoEDL Project Initiative Pool 20202020-2021
Child Language Acquisition in Urban Multilingual settings (CLAUMS)Paola EscuderoCoEDL Project Initiative Pool 20202020-2021
Are they learning? Identifying characteristic brain networks during novel word learning processes in children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)Paola EscuderoCoEDL Project Initiative Pool 20202020-2021
Discovery and definition for dementia care conceptCelia Harris
Kate Stevens
Maintaining active minds and bodies through older adult music education.Roger Dean
Kate Stevens
Andrea Creech
Jennifer MacRitchie
ARC Discovery2019-2022
Spoken English: Little Kids, Big Data, Wide Application [via UNSW].Denis Burnham
Chwee Beng Lee
Beena Ahmed
ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities2019-2021
Do cognitive effects of language learning depend upon language typology? Mark Antoniou
Anne Cutler
Patrick Wong
ARC Discovery2019-2021
Telling the whole story in one sentence: cause chains across languagesHannah SarvasyARC DECRA2018-2023
Enhancing language learning via auditory training and interaction.Paola EscuderoARC Future Fellowship2016-2021
ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language [via ANU]Caroline Jones
Paola Escudero
Anne Cutler
ARC Research Council (ACRG)2014-2022

Art & Music Sciences

Project TitleChief InvestigatorsFunding SourceYears
To map and enhance Australian musical improvisation as a creative industryRoger Dean
Sandy Evans
Liam Magee
John Davis
Jeremy Rose
ARC Linkage2021-2025
Music can speak for you: making music with a deep net partnerRoger Dean
Tara Hamilton
Christian Walder
John Davis
Ajay Heble
ARC Linkage2019-2023
The role of oxytocin in the evolutionary origins of joint music makingPeter Keller
Niels Hansen
Lundbeckfonden Foundation2018-2022
Developing a recommender system for unfamiliar musicRoger Dean
David Bainbridge
John Davis
Simon Chambers
ARC Linkage2017-2021