Associate Professor John Cass

Psychology (School of Social Sciences and Psychology)

Research Program: Multisensory Communication


John was awarded his PhD in 2005 from the University of New South Wales in the area of visual psychophysics. A major research theme is sensory dynamics: such questions as how do sensory processes evolve over time; what temporal information are we sensitive to; and how do we perceive time?

Other research interests include the effects of context on visual perception such as "visual crowding" and the perceptual integration of audio and visual information.

Research Interests

  • Role of temporal synchrony in multi-sensory processing
  • Temporal vision
  • Spatial vision
  • Visual crowding and macular degeneration

Qualifications and Honours

  • BSc (Hons I)
  • PhD
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Project - Temporal synchrony as a binding cue between the senses, Alais, D., & Cass, J. (2012 –2014)
  • Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship - Filters reveal what flicker conceals: Temporal processing in the human visual system, Cass. J. (2007-2011)
  • Western Sydney University International Research Initiatives Scheme - Auditory facilitation of visual search; a stay state visual evoked potential investigation of neural mechanisms. Watson, T., & Cass, J.

Contact John

Phone +61 2 9772 6505
Location Western Sydney University Westmead campus
Room U.5.29