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We are proud to announce the inaugural winner of the Denis Burnham Award for Doctoral Student Career Transition: Jessica Chin, PhD Candidate, MARCS Institute.
Researchers have received funding through the NSW Government’s Small Business Innovation and Research program to explore the feasibility of a new suicide and self-harm prevention tool in correctional facilities.
Congratulations to MARCS PhD Candidate, Olivia Maurice, for winning the Outstanding Presentation award at the 12th Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS) Conference held in November 2023.
We are proud to announce that MARCS researcher, Associate Professor Mark Antoniou, has been named the field leader of Language and Linguistics for the second consecutive year by The Australian’s 2024 Research Magazine.
The MARCS Institute held its round of 3MT contest on 4 July 2023. The winner, Poorani Vijayakumar (PhD Candidate), represented the Institute at the university-level 3MT Competition on 23 August 2023.
A research project led by MARCS researchers in partnership with Deakin University’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute has been selected as a semi-finalist of the international Longitude Prize on Dementia
The MARCS Institute hosted a research workshop to harness the strength of the community to better understand dementia prevention and healthy ageing.
New study reveals musical rhythms can improve language processing of children with Developmental Language Disorder.
In Australia, more than half of the species of trees are threatened by climate change. What is curious about the phenomenon is that while some trees are at risk, others are thriving under the same conditions.
Electronic gloves help transfer knowledge from master surgeons to students.
Gough Lui with Smart Glove

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