Advancing the News Media Literacy of Young Australians

Three young people hold up worksheets which read ‘Media Literacy is’. They have completed the worksheets with the words ‘Important’, ‘To’ and ‘Us’.

This project responds to changes in the production, experience and consumption of news media by young Australians. In our recent research, we have identified several barriers that prevent news media literacy from being developed in the home and in schools in a meaningful and effective way. This project will document, analyse and address some of these barriers. In this way it will respond to emerging questions regarding the changing role of news in relation to active citizenship and democracy, and the challenge of ‘fake news’ or disinformation. It will achieve this by:

  • Contributing to the design, implementation and evaluation of a new major semi-permanent exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra, to be launched in 2019
  • Developing a media literacy framework for the digital age to support the design of news engagement and learning materials
    engaging young Australians and school teachers as co-designers of the Museum’s news exhibition content and news literacy learning resources and activities.


  • Dr Tanya Notley (ICS)
  • Associate Professor Michael Dezuanni (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Ms Edwina Jans (Museum of Australian Democracy)
  • Mr Michael Evans (Museum of Australian Democracy)

Funding: Western Sydney University Research Partnerships Program: Museum of Australian Democracy; Google Australia

Period: 2018- 2020.

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