Associate Professor David R. Cole

Associate Professor David R. Cole researches in the inter-linked areas of globalisation, critical thinking, literacies, the philosophy of education, and the work of Gilles Deleuze.

He was an international English teacher for eleven years before starting full-time in teacher education in Australia in 2004. Since that time, David has been part of a national inquiry into literacy teaching and learning, held leadership positions for research and doctoral students, and contributed to national and international academic conversations through numerous publications, key note addresses, and working with journals and academic societies such as the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA).

David’s latest monograph is entitled A pedagogy of cinema, with Joff P.N. Bradley (2016). He has published five research books, 9 edited books and 2 novels. Please see other publications below.


  • PhD, 2003, University of Warwick, UK
  • MA, 1995, Philosophy & Literature, University of Warwick, UK
  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in English Education, 1991, Bath Spa University, UK
  • BA(Hons) in Philosophy, 1990, University of Liverpool, UK

Awards and Recognition

  • 2017: ‘Futures Learning - Global Thinking’, a collaboration between Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Futures Learning Unit of the Department of Education, New South Wales (NSW), the development of professional learning modules for NSW teachers on global thinking skills (consultancy) ($29, 997)
  • 2014-2016: Department of Education (ACRG) Office of Learning and Teaching, strategic area (globalisation) ― Enhancing Programmes to Integrate Tertiary Outbound Mobility Experiences (EPITOME), with Dr Tim Hall, A/Prof Tonia Gray, A/Prof Gregory Downey, A/Prof Anne Power & Dr Colin Sheringham ($246, 000)
  • 2014: WSU internal grant―  Research into outdoor education learner attribution theory: the effects of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award on learning, with Dr Roberto Parada, Associate Professor Tonia Gray and Dr Christina Curry ($4,444)
    2013: WSU internal Grant ― New through-lines for becoming-teacher, WSU M.Teach. study, with Associate Professor Susanne Gannon and Dr Jorge Dorfman Knijnik ($3,000)
  • 2012-2013: International Baccalaureate Organization grant (tendered), IB programme: Theory of Knowledge (TOK): exploring learning outcomes, benefits, and perceptions, Australia-wide study, with Associate Professor Susanne Gannon, Dr Jacqueline Ullman and Mr Paul Rooney ($51,295)
    2012: WSU internal Grant ― Researching equity for innovative pedagogies, part of Strategic Secondary Education Research Program for Greater Western Sydney (SSERP) with Dr Jacqueline Ullman ($6,000)
  • 2010-2012: SSHRC (Canada) International Opportunity Grant ―  Immigrant families and multiple literacies: policy, classroom and community connections across Australia and Canada, with Professor Diana Masny, University of Ottawa ($48,735 Ca)
  • 2010: Top up grant for immigrant literacies research, University of Sydney (UTS), focus on Latino families in Australia ($5,000)
  • 2009: Research into the: Voices of influence amongst Australian Muslim youth, government consultancy – Department of Immigration and Citizenship with Professor Jock Collins et al. ($90,000)
  • 2009: Research development grant, UTS, grant to research immigrant family literacies in NSW ($5,000)
  • 2006: Grant to establish working contexts and zones of operation in middle school cam-capture literacy with Dr  Andrew Fluck ($9,300)
  • 2006: Grant to enable scholarly and collaborative writing ($1,500)
  • 2005: Distance Education grant from Teaching and Learning Committee to establish needs for B.Ed. in-service course with Dr Robin Wills ($2,500)
  • 1997: Grant to research technological literacy and the arts, with Associate Professor John Baldacchino (£5,300)
  • 1996-1997: ESRC (Economics and Social Science Research Council) fieldwork grant for examining: Technological literacies in urban contexts of poverty, with Professor Barry Troyna (£11,250)

Selected Publications

Cole, DR 2019, 'Analysing the matter flows in schools using Deleuze’s method' (opens in a new window), Studies in Philosophy and Education.

Bradley, JPN, Cabell, C, Cole, DR, Kennedy, DH, & Poje, J 2018, 'From which point do we begin? on combining the multiliteral and multiperspectival', STEM Journal, vol. 19, no .2, pp. 65-93.

Cole, DR & Mirzaei Rafe, M 2018, 'Positioning whitehead as a mean to enhance social justice in education', Interchange, DOI: 10.1007/s10780-018-9331-8.

Cole, DR 2018, ‘Nowhere ǁ erewhon’, Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2018.1439377.

Cole, DR 2018, ‘Individuation, vitalism and space in the overseas study tour’, Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 241-253.

Cole, DR & Mirzaei Rafe, M 2018, ‘An analysis of the reality of authoritarianism in pedagogy: A critique based on the work of Deleuze, Guattari and Bhaskar’, Espacio, Tiempo y Educación, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 41-56.

Cole, DR, Bradley, JPN (eds) 2018, Principles of transversality in globalization and education (opens in a new window), Springer, Singapore.

Naughton, C, Biesta, G & Cole, DR (eds) 2018, Art, artists and pedagogy: philosophy and the arts in education, Routledge.

Cole, DR& Bradley, JPN (eds)  2018, Educational philosophy and new French thought, Routledge.

Cole, DR, Bradley, JPN 2018, 'Principles of transversality in globalization and education', in DR Cole & JPN Bradley (eds), Principles of transversality in globalization and education (opens in a new window), Springer, Singapore, pp. 1-15.

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