Professor Gerard Goggin

gogginGerard Goggin is an internationally renowned scholar in communication, cultural, and media studies, whose pioneering research on the cultural and social dynamics of digital technology has been widely influential. He has held appointments at the University of Sydney, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, University of NSW, and the University of Queensland. Goggin has made benchmark contributions to the understanding of mobile media and communication, national and international Internets and their histories. Here Goggin's works include Mobile Media Methods (2023), Apps (2021), Global Mobile Media (2011), and Cell Phone Culture (2006), and Digital Disability (2003). He is a founding editor of the journal Internet Histories and co-editor of Routledge Companion to Global Internet Histories (2017) and Oral Histories of the Internet and Web (2023). Goggin has a longstanding interest in disability, media and rights - with key books including Routledge Companion to Disability and Media (2020), Disability and the Media (2015). With Christopher Newell, Goggin authored Digital Disability (2003), and Disability in Australia (2005 - winner of the Human Rights Commission Arts Non-Fiction Award. A Fellow of the International Communication Association (ICA) as well as the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Goggin is the Secretary-General of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR). A hallmark of Goggin's work is his engagement with civil society, government, industry, and other sectors. Among other things, he was a founding board member of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN). He is a member of the Australian Research Council's College of Experts (2024-2026).


  • PhD, 1999, English Literature, University of Sydney

Research Focus

  • Emerging technology & its social, cultural, and political dynamics
  • Digital equalities
  • Mobile media and communication disability
  • Digital technology and rights
  • Global media policy
  • Histories of Internet and digital cultures

Selected Publications

Hjorth, L & Goggin, G 2024 Mobile media methods, Polity, Cambridge UK.

Goggin, G & Zhuang, KV, 2023, ‘Apps, mobilities, and migration in the Covid-19 pandemic: Covid technology and the control of migrant workers in Singapore’International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 636–654, doi: 10.1177/13678779231160802.

Goggin, G & Soldatić, K, 2022, ‘Automated decision-making, digital inclusion and intersectional disabilities’New Media & Society, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 384–400, doi: 10.1177/14614448211063173

Goggin, G 2021 Apps: from mobile phones to digital lives, Polity, Cambridge UK

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Goggin, G 2006, Cell phone culture: mobile technology in everyday life, Routledge, London and New York.

Goggin, G & Newell C 2005, Disability in Australia: exposing a social apartheid, UNSW Press, Sydney.

Goggin, G & Newell C 2003, Digital disability: social construction of disability in new media, Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MA

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