Dr Emma Power

Emma Power

Emma Power is a Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University. Emma is an urban cultural geographer whose research programme investigates the interconnection between housing governance and homemaking cultures through analysis of:

  • Politics of care and housing security
  • Ageing, home and housing security
  • Pets in the city

Emma commenced an ARC DECR Fellowship in 2016. Her project, 'Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women' (opens in a new window) investigates how housing policy and governance, and ongoing housing mobility, inform how single older women who do not own a home create and maintain a sense of home and security. The project asks how older women can find housing security and a house that is a home.

Other research examines: companion animals and community making; and the governance of companion animals in urban Australia, including in strata apartments and through tenancy policy.

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PhD, 2009, Macquarie University

B Social Science (Hons Class I), 2003, Macquarie University

Grad Dip Education, 2002, Macquarie University

Current and Recent Research


Co-operative Housing Research
Funding: Common Equity NSW
Year: 2018

Ageing, Home and Housing Security Among Single, Asset-poor Older Women
Funding: Australian Research Council (DECRA Fellowship)
Year: 2015


Renting with Pets in Sydney, Australia
Partners: Mars Petcare (Petcare Information and Advisory Service)
Funding: Mars Petcare/ University of Western Sydney Partnership Grant
Year: 2013

Examining Innovations in Aged Care: Affordable Housing, Healthy Ageing
Funding: UnitingCare Ageing NSW.ACT
Year: 2012

Community, Homemaking and Human-Animal Relations: Living with Dogs in High Rise Apartments
Funding: UWS ECR Seed Grant
Year: 2011

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Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Power, ER (forthcoming/ in press), 'Restrictions on pet-ownership in multi-owned properties', in M Gabriel & E Altman, Multi-owned property: rights, responsibilities and restrictions, Palgrave Macmillan.

Power, E 2017, ‘For renters, making housing more affordable is just the start’, in J Walton (ed.), Conversation Yearbook 2017: 50 Standout Articles from Australia's Top Thinkers, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, pp. 167–169.

Power, E 2016, 'Households and neighbourhoods', in M Hawkins, K Huppatz & A Matthews (eds), Identity and belonging (opens in a new window), Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire.

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Dowling, R & Power, ER 2011, 'Beyond McMansions and green homes: thinking household sustainability through materialities of homeyness', in R Lane & A Gorman-Murray (eds), Material geographies of household sustainability (opens in a new window), Ashgate, London, pp. 75-89.

Journal Articles

Power, ER & Mee, KJ 2019, 'Housing: an infrastructure of care' (opens in a new window), Housing Studies, DOI: 10.1080/02673037.2019.1612038.

Power, ER 2019, 'Assembling the capacity to care: caring‐with precarious housing' (opens in a new window), Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, doi.org/10.1111/tran.12306.

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Crabtree, L, Grimstad, S, McNeill, J, Perry, N, Power, E 2019, Articulating value in cooperative housing International and methodological review (opens in a new window), Western Sydney University, Penrith, Australia.

Other Publications

Power, E & Westman, M 2017, 'I won’t be alone at Christmas, I have a dog' (opens in a new window), The Conversation.

Rogers, D 2017, 'Speaking with: Emma Power and Jennifer Kent about why Australian cities and homes aren’t built for pets' (opens in a new window), The Conversation.

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Power, ER 2009, 'The changing face of the garden in Australia', HortJournal, October, pp. 14-16.

Professional Membership

Institute of Australian Geographers

Geographical Society of NSW

Australian Geographer, Editorial Board

Geographical Names Board of NSW, Board Member

Geoview, Editorial Board


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