Dr Tsvetelina Hristova

Tsvetelina works on topics that interrogate the political significance of digital technology through the prism of Marxist studies, science and technology studies, and political science. Her research draws on analysis of specific cases such as the digitalisation of digital imaging diagnostics, the introduction of Aadhaar in India, automation in the Australian banking sector, the reconceptualization of privacy through encryption technologies, and the genealogy of different media of control in contemporary automation technologies. She has published in Big Data and Society and the International Journal of Communication, as well as academic and political journals in Eastern Europe. She is currently doing research on the intersection of temporality and visuality and its role in the automation of warehouse operations and white collar labour.


  • 2021 PhD in Cultural Studies, Western Sydney University
  • 2013 MA in Cultural Anthropology, Sofia University
  • 2006 MA in Medieval Studies, Central European University
  • 2005 BA in Bulgarian Philology, Sofia University

Research Focus

  • Critical digital studies
  • Infrastructure studies
  • Critical data governance
  • Post-socialism

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2021 Fellow, Center for Advanced Internet Studies, Bochum
  • 2018 Junior Fellow, Center for Digital Cultures, Leuphana
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation, Pluto Journals

Selected Publications

Hristova, T., Neilson, B., Rossiter, N. (2021). On the block train: rethinking block technologies on the YuXinOu express (opens in a new window). International Journal of Communication. Vol. 15.

Apostolova, R., Hristova, T. 2021. The post-socialist posted worker: social reproduction and the geography of class struggles (opens in a new window). In: Grappi, G. (ed.) Migration and the contested politics of justice: Europe and the global dimension. Routledge.

Hristova, T. 2020. Morbid Mobilities (opens in a new window). Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture17(1), pp.126-135.

Munn, L., Hristova, T., & Magee, L. 2019. Clouded data: Privacy and the promise of encryption (opens in a new window). Big Data & Society, 6(1), 1-12.

Magee, L., Hristova, T., Popely, M., Stanton, C., Parkin, J., Rossiter, N. 2019. Westpac HMI Capabilities. Prepared for Westpac Banking Corporation. [not publicly available].

Magee, L., Kearney, E., Hristova, T. 2019. Mass Observations. A Report of Data Ethics and Governance. [not publicly available].

Munn, Luke, Tsvetelina Hristova, Liam Magee, Debra Bourdignon, Tim Horan, Tamir Levin, Tal Nathan, and Laurence Park. 2019. The New Privacy: Emerging Standards for Cloud-Based Security (opens in a new window). White paper.

Hristova, T., R. Apostolova, M. Fiedler. 2015. On some methodological issues concerning anti-Dublin politics (opens in a new window). Journal for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies, 1(1).

Hristova, T. 2015. Outsourcing Destination Bulgaria: new patterns of labour migration and the rise of call centres in Bulgaria (opens in a new window). In: Apostolova, R., N. Deneva, T. Hristova. Situating Migration in Transition: Temporal, Structural, and Conceptual Transformations of Migrations. Sketches from Bulgaria. Sofia: Collective for Social Interventions.

Hristova, T., R. Apostolova , N. Deneva, M. Fiedler. 2014. Trapped in Europe's Quagmire: The  Situation of Asylum-Seekers and Refugees in Bulgaria (opens in a new window). Bordermonitoring.

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