Institute to Co-host Conference on Diversity and Disability Inclusion in Muslim Societies

The Institute for Culture and Society is proud to be a co-organiser of the International Conference on Diversity and Disability Inclusion in Muslim Societies: Experiences from Asia in partnership with Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN Jakarta) and the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society at the Australian Catholic University. The conference will held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 21-22 November 2017.

The first international conference of its kind, the event will address the topic of diversity and disability in Muslim societies. It represents a program of collaborative research between the partnering organisations since 2015.

The event will offer a strong foundation for the promotion of diversity and disability inclusion in Islamic educational institutions and Muslim communities with a focus on two key strands of experiences of diversity and disability inclusion in the Asian Region.

Dr Arief Subhan, Faculty of Da’wa and Communication at UIN Jakarta says: 'Asia is a rich and diverse tapestry of peoples, culture and religions. It is a landscape that includes the largest group of Muslim communities spanning a diverse range of Islamic customs, practices, beliefs and rituals. Therefore Islam within Asia forms the key consideration of related research, scholarship and socio-cultural understandings of local practice. The influences of Islam, its place in national and regional politics, are emerging as important factors in driving social change that aims to garner support for locally placed initiatives of inclusion.'

The conference will generate greater understanding of the unique experiences of Muslim communities in Asia, and processes that engage, promote and enact practices of diversity and inclusion for community development and social cohesion. Of particular interest are aspects of disability and diversity inclusion that aim to examine the ways in which local engagement with issues of disability and diversity generate new and nuanced learnings that enable practices of respect, rights and social cohesion.

Researchers, community practitioners, disability and diversity activists, government officials and students will come together in a collaborative forum of intercultural dialogue and sharing of their work and experiences in this field to enhance academic, research and advocacy networks. The event is part of a global effort in promoting dialogue, engagement and interaction to enhance the inclusion of disability and diversity.

The 'Association of Australia – Indonesia Disability Research Networks' will be launched during the conference and selected papers will be published as an edited volume.

Dr Karen Soldatic and Associate Professor Megan Watkins from the Institute for Culture and Society are members of the organising committee and will present keynotes at the conference.

Posted: Monday 6 November 2017.