Cultural Venues and Infrastructure Mapping Survey

A photo of an outdoor concert next to city buildings with people seated facing the stage.

Have you or your organisation ever been involved in any performances or cultural activities in the City of Sydney Local Government Area? If so, we would like your help in mapping cultural venues and infrastructure in the City of Sydney. This survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and you can access it via the following link (now closed).

This survey is being conducted by Western Sydney University as part of research that maps cultural venues and infrastructures in the City of Sydney Local Government Area. Its findings will lead to the creation of a series of digital interactive maps showing different forms and locations of cultural venues in the City of Sydney. This will become a very valuable information source for the arts/creative communities and businesses seeking to search or use these venues. Visualising the distribution of these cultural venues on digital maps will also help identify support and investment needs for cultural venues and infrastructure.

Please note that your participation is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without giving any reason and without any negative consequences. Individual survey responses concerning you/your organisation will not be shared with others unless you give your explicit permission.

The research has been approved by the Western Sydney University Ethics Committee (No. 11651). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Teresa Swist on (02) 9685 9772 or at

Photo: City of Sydney.

Posted: 28 June 2016.