Vale Jeannie Martin

ICS was saddened to hear of the death of Jeannie Martin in December 2014. Jeannie was an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow (2003-8) at the Centre for Cultural Research (CCR), ICS's predecessor research unit. Her engaged research and publication in areas including urban life, diversity, migration, gender, violence, 'racism' and the media, had a substantial impact on interdisciplinary work in our field.

Here is Jeannie presenting a paper, 'Identity Matters: Notes from Fieldwork', in Hong Kong in September 2004.

Jeannie Martin sitting at a table, presenting a paper. 

Photo: Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme (opens in a new window)

Jeannie's experience made a significant contribution to the consolidation of cultural research at UWS in mentoring early career researchers and advising higher degree research students. Pictured here in 2008 with CCR/ICS Adjunct Fellow Sandro Mezzadra at the official opening of Building EM (after our sojourn in the legendary demountable), we fondly remember how her warmth, savvy and wit always ensured that an encounter with Jeannie was uplifting and fun.

Sandro Mezzadra and Jeannie Martin standing and talking outside building EM.

20 January 2015