ICS Researchers Attend AAG Conference

The cover of Making Other Worlds Possible which shows a rectangular garden area in the middle of a city with skyscrapers in the distance.ICS members are heavily involved in the Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference this year, with six members attending the conference as presenters, organisers, chairs and panelists. The conference is being held this week in Chicago (21–25 April).

Making other worlds possible: performing diverse economies (opens in a new window), a new book edited by Gerda Roelvink, Kevin St. Martin and J. K. Gibson-Graham, will be launched at the conference. Ten 'Making Other Worlds Possible' conference sessions have been organised to coincide with the publication of the book. The book includes the chapters 'Biofuels, ex-felons, and Empower, a worker-owned cooperative: performing enterprises differently' by Stephen Healy; and 'Diverse economies, ecologies, and ethics: rethinking rural transformation in the Philippines' by Katherine Gibson, Amanda Cahill and Deirdre McKay.

ICS members' involvement in sessions is as follows: 

Endeavour Fellow Dr Pablo Fuentenebro

  • Presenting on 'On Urban Regeneration: The Role of Private Culture-led Investments in the City' in the 'Urban Development in the 21st Century' session.
  • Panellist in the 'Geography and Online Education A: What are the Key Challenges and Opportunities Afforded by Online Higher Education?' session.
  • Discussant in the 'Career Mentoring A', 'Career Mentoring B', 'Internships and Work-Based Learning as Career Preparation' and 'Working Abroad: International Job Opportunities for Geographers' sessions.

Professor Katherine Gibson

  • Presenting on 'Feminist Economic Geography and "Epistemologies of the South": Conversations around Gender Equality and Development in the Pacific' in the 'Locating Feminist Theory and Practice in Economic Geography III' session (with Katharine McKinnon, Macquarie University). 
  • Chair of the 'Making Other Worlds Possible I: Geographies of Co-operative Enterprise' session.
  • Panelist in the 'Making Other Worlds Possible X: Diverse Economies Inside and Outside the Academy' session.

Dr Stephen Healy

  • Presenting on 'Solidarity Economy: Finding the Meaning and Significance in Small Numbers' in the 'Making Other Worlds Possible II: Researching the Solidarity Economy, Using Research to take Measure of Other Worlds' session. Stephen is the organiser of this session and one of the lead organisers in putting together the ten 'Making Other Worlds Possible' sessions.
  • Chair of the 'Making Other Worlds Possible IV: Discards, Diverse Economies, and Degrowth II' session.

Professor Donald McNeill

  • Co-organiser of, and panellist in, the 'Digital Disruptions and Urban Governance' sessions.
  • Chair of the 'Thermal Modernities' session.
  • Panelist in the 'Thinking Urban, Writing Urban: A Panel of Sage Authors' session.

Dr Catherine Phillips

  • Presenting on 'Haunting the Gulf: Flows, Valuations, Governance of Ghost Nets' in the 'Oceanic Matters I' session. Catherine is a co-organiser of 'Oceanic Matters I' and chair and co-organiser of 'Oceanic Matters II'.
  • Catherine is also presenting Gay Hawkins' paper 'Plastics in Alternative Food Initiatives: Presence, Valuations, and Politics' in the 'Making Other Worlds Possible IV: Discards, Diverse Economies, and Degrowth II' session.

Dr Dallas Rogers 

  • Chair and co-organiser of the 'Resistance to Public Housing Transformation' session.
  • Panelist in the 'Contesting Urban Space in East Asia: Recasting Neoliberalism Upon Housing' session.

20 April 2015