Applications Open for E.G. Whitlam Scholarship

The Institute for Culture and Society, together with the Whitlam Institute, are seeking highly motivated candidates with a demonstrable interest in public policy to apply for the E.G. Whitlam Doctoral Scholarship.

The scholarship has been created by Western Sydney University in honour of Gough Whitlam's contribution to the Australian nation and, specifically, to its political, social, and cultural development. It will be awarded every three years (subject to a positive decision from the panel).

To be eligible, applicants will have demonstrated that they are willing and ready to undertake a PhD in an area of public policy that examines or extends the Whitlam legacy. They must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The administration and supervision of the E.G. Whitlam Doctoral Scholarship will be undertaken as a collaborative venture between the Whitlam Institute and the Institute for Culture and Society that are co-located on the Parramatta campus of the University. The holder of the scholarship will be expected to be an active member of the Whitlam Institute.

What does the scholarship provide?

  • A tax-free stipend of $30,000 per annum (indexed) for up to three years
  • A funded place in the doctoral program
  • Funding is also available for project support

How do I apply?

Prospective applicants are advised to include with the normal doctoral scholarship application a 2-3 page statement that provides sufficient detail as to what it is they propose to study, and why, and the relevant academic (and where relevant practitioner) background they bring.

In the first instance prospective candidates should forward their 2-3 page statement plus academic transcript for consideration by the recruitment panel by Monday 14 September, 2015. The panel may invite candidates for an initial interview prior to encouraging submission of a formal application. This might be conducted in person or remotely. Only candidates who have met this internal deadline for the consideration of applications will be considered. 

Application form

The application form can be downloaded from the Western Sydney University website. Formal applications close Friday 16 October, 2015.


For further information, contact the Institute for Culture and Society's Higher Degree Research Director, Professor Greg Noble on (02) 9685 9600 or via email: (opens in a new window). 

Posted: 26 August 2015.