ICS Seminar - 30 March 2023

Future Extractivism

Panelists: Kirsty Howe, Joyce Liu, Juan Francisco Salazar

Chair: Brett Neilson


Transitions is the final seminar in the Future Extractivism series organised by the Automated Worlds and Environment and Technology research programs. It reflects on alternative ways to understand current and emerging modes of extractivism. Speakers focus on how to regulate the harms endemic to systems of extraction and how transitions to new economies can be imagined.

Professor Juan Francisco Salazar Sutil, Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University

Planetarity, futurity, terraforming: On the unbearable inevitability of off Earth extractivism

In this short intervention, Professor Salazar draws on his current research on critical imaginaries of outer space to contribute to ongoing discussions within this series on future extractivism by looking critically at linear genealogies of extractivism which position future extractivism off-Earth under a cloak of inevitability.

Dr Kirsty Howey, Executive Director, Environment Centre Northern Territory

Porous jurisdictions: sacrifice zones and environmental law in the Northern Territory of Australia

A Northern Territory approved lithium mine on Karrabing country poses toxic threats to waterways and promises to leave behind an “open pit lake”. Despite bold assertions that this mine is different due to its vital role in the energy transition, Dr Howey argues that the lithium mine on Karrabing Country is in fact a clone, a sacrifice zone created in part by the environmental laws meant to make it safe.

Professor Joyce C.H.Liu, International Centre for Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung Yang Ming University

MaritimeExtractivism:FOC, SEZ, andCyberScamIndustries

Flags of convenience, special economic zones, and cyber scams, the so-called “pig slaughtering” business, exemplify new modes of extractivism. Focusing on flags of convenience fishing off Taiwan and Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone, a site that connects SEZ and cyber scam industries, Professor Liu reflects on how to counter the regimes of legal exception and slavery involved in emerging structures of extractivism.

Event Details

Date & Time: Thursday, 30 March 2023, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: Room: EA.G.18 (LT01), Parramatta South Campus