Seminars in 2019

Date: Thursday, 31 October

'You Don’t Go to These Kinds of Concerts for Fun’: The Practise of Taste in Contemporary Art Music - Simon Chambers...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 24 October

Affect, Emotion and Transcultural Connections - HDR Panel: Ha Hoang and Vanessa Whittington...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 17 October

Personal Logistics: Affect, Aesthetics, Apps - Susan Zieger...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 10 October

(Re)Building Heritage Futures: Reconstruction as a Heritage Making Practice in Bhaktapur, Nepal - Vanicka Arora...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 3 October

The Spectacle of Coral Reefs and the Mastery of Colonial Space - Ann Elias...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 12 September

David Cameron Meets the People: the Performances of Power and Citizenship in the UK Brexit Debate - Peter Lunt...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 5 September

Photorealism, Blockchains, Neural Nets, Algorithmic Governance: Ray Tracing Graphical Media - Liam Magee...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 29 August

The Great Unsettling: A Briefing for the End of the World as We Knew It - Paul James...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 22 August

Sustainable Materialism: Environmental Movements and the Politics of Everyday Life - David Schlosberg...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 15 August

“Free Culture” and Mobile Phone Economies in the Pacific - Heather A. Horst...Find out more.

Date: Thursday, 8 August

Sexual Justice is Social Justice: Faith-Based Approaches to Human Sexuality - Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, Justin A. Sitron and Brent Satterly...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 7 March

Forum on the 'Uluru Statement from the Heart’: Are We Listening?...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 14 March

The Artful Excess of Waste: a River Installation - Margaret Sommerville...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 21 March

The Politics of Mediation: Subjectivity, Value and Power in the Digital Grid of Aadhaar - Tsvetelina Hristova...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 28 March

Extractivism, Community Responses and the Commons - Dorothy Kidd...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 4 April

The Beatification of the Clinic: Instituting New HIV Prevention Health Conducts in the Age of Biomedical Prevention - Kane Race...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 11 April

Inside Factories and Outside Heteronormativity: an Ethnographic Exploration of the Queerness of Chinese Rural Migrant lalas...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 9 May

Assembling the Capacity to Care: Caring-with Precarious Housing - Emma Power...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 16 May

Reconfiguring the Enterprise: Shifting Manufacturing Culture in Australia - Katherine Gibson, Stephen Healy and Joanne McNeill ...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 23 May

Doing Plastic Bottled Water Differently? The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Delivering Community-Managed Infrastructures - Isaac Lynne ...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 30 May

Paul Virilio Goes to the Beach: An archaeology of Coastal Reclamations - Denis Byrne...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 6 June

Where ‘Art Meets Life’: Assessing the Impact of Dark Mofo, a New Mid- Winter Festival in Australia - Adrian Franklin ...Find out more.

Date: Thursday 13 June

Health Technologies, Lifecourses, and Ecologies: What Might an Ethics of Engagement Offer? - Teresa Swist...Find out more.