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The College puts university within reach

Get a head start on your path to Western by studying at The College.

Apply for one of our University Foundation Studies or Diploma Programs and you could be on your way to completing a university degree in no time!

Consult The College Program Guide for steps on how to choose your program and how to apply.

How to Find Your Program and Apply

1. Choose Your Program

  • Choose your path. Decide which College program is right for you. We have included these options below, so you can base your decision on the criteria needed to apply for our programs.
  • Explore Our Programs

2. Get Connected

3. Apply to Western

  • Identify your entry criteria. The College pathways allow students with and without an ATAR to apply for our programs.
  • Apply for a Diploma/Bachelor program through the Western portal - this application is free of charge!

    Or, via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)

  • Apply for our Nursing University Foundation Studies directly via the Western portal 



“I definitely wouldn’t have gotten where I am today, and be who I am today without The College.” 

- Brooke Mees,
Diploma in Arts—Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)

Choose Your Path

Entry: In order to apply for these programs, you must have an ATAR of 55+ or equivalent in tertiary study, or equivalent of 12 months full-time work experience in any field.

Delivery: This 12-month program allows you to study the first year of your chosen degree in a more supportive environment with smaller class sizes and greater one-on-one time with teachers. On successful completion of the program, you will automatically transition into the second year of the corresponding Bachelor degree at Western Sydney University.

Use the ‘Explore Our Programs’ search bar below, for more details on your program of interest.

Entry: No ATAR or work experience is needed for this program. Our Extended Diploma’s are Open Access programs, which are designed to prepare you for future study at Western Sydney University and give you all the support you need for your journey.

Delivery: This 16-month program allows you to undertake program-specific preparatory subjects alongside the first year subjects of your program, which will help in developing the content knowledge and skills needed to succeed in university. After successful completion, you will automatically transition into the second year of your chosen degree at Western Sydney University.

This program is designed to introduce you to the knowledge and skills needed for the first year of your Bachelor degree in Nursing or Health Science at Western Sydney University. The program provides pathways into a College Diploma program, or if you obtain satisfactory results, guaranteed direct entry into the first year of the corresponding degree at Western Sydney University.

Diploma to Degree Pathway