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Term 3 Units

Term 3 units now open for enrolment! New students in term 3 should refer to the Unit guides on the Unit Selection/Your Timetable page. Continuing students should wait until they receive progression advice from their FYEC after exams before enrolling in units.


Allocate+ will open in read only mode at 10.00am Wednesday 2 October and then will open in allocate adjustment mode at 10.00am Tuesday 8 October. See the Unit Selection/Your Timetable page for more information.

Integrated Diploma/Bachelor 6000 Series Courses

If after results are released you have completed 70 Credit Points (CP) of University level units and all your preparatory units, you will be contacted by enrolments regarding moving into the second year of your course at Western Sydney University.  You will be moved to the closest campus to the one that you are currently studying at that offers the second year of your degree.

Extended Diploma 7000 series students (Not Business)

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University, if after your exams you have achieved 35 credit points and a Grade Point Average of 4 or above, you will be transferred before the next term commences to the relevant integrated Diploma/Bachelor course.

Extended Business Diploma and Standard Business Diploma students

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University, if after your exams, you have achieved passed all your preparatory units in your course you will be transferred before the next term commences to the integrated 6037 – Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business (Accelerated) course. For students who pass all units in the designated pattern of study this occurs after two terms for Extended Diploma and one term for Standard Diploma.

Course Progress

The 'Check My Course Progress' pages in MySR allow you to see what your course requirements are and track your progress towards finishing your course and if you're meeting the requirements needed to graduate. On these pages you can:

  • Add when you expect to complete your course
  • Check credit points are in your course and how many you've achieved
  • Amend or add specialisations
  • View  course completion rules

Need an Extension on an Hand-in Assignment?

It is expected that all students submit their assignments on time and manage the balance between your studies and other activities (such as employment, family life etc).  We know at times circumstances can prevent students from meeting the due date for an assignment such as:

- needing to work an unexpected shift

- a family member suddenly falling sick and needing care

- a last-minute equipment break down that prevented completion of the assignment

- a temporary illness, such as a migraine, making it difficult to focus on completing the assignment.

If circumstances prevent you from meeting the due date, you can apply for an extension for up to 48 hours (one extension per assignment) by completing the Extension Request Form. If you require further information please access and read the Extension Guidelines for Students or contact your class teacher.

Applying for Special Consideration

Before applying for Special consideration please familiarise yourself with the Special Consideration Policy. Click here for an Application for Special Consideration or visit Student Central.  It is important that completed applications are submitted to Student Central so all appropriate documentation provided can be verified.  If you are applying on medical grounds don’t forget to submit your application by the second working day after the expiry of your medical certificate by 5:00pm. Your medical evidence must be from a registered medical practitioner.  Medical certficates from a Pharmacist or Pharmacy will not be accepted. If you have a hand-in task (Essay, report etc.) and are applying for special consideration, you are required to submit a draft copy of the work that you have completed so far.

NOTE: Please do not fill out a Special Consideration form to report an absence unless that absence resulted in missing an assessment task.

Excluded Foundation Students returning to The College

Foundation students wishing to return to study after a period of exclusion will need to meet with the relevant Learning & Teaching Manager to discuss their Return to Study Plan. This will need to be arranged four weeks prior to the start of term. To make an appointment with your Learning & Teaching Manager please send an email to the relevant Manager as follows:

University Foundation Studies (Health Science/Nursing)

University Foundation Studies (Arts)


Foundation students

Applications for the 2019 Foundation Studies Graduation are now open, please click here to apply.
This Graduation will be held at Nirimba Campus on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Diploma students
December Graduation Registration Currently Open

Registrations open until 5pm Wednesday 16 October 2019. Do not wait until you’ve completed your course, register before the closing date.  No MyGraduation Receipt email = No Registration (if you are experiencing trouble contact prior to registrations closing).  Ceremonies will be held on the Parramatta (South) campus Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 December 2019.

Please Read all Details to Avoid Missing Important Information

December timelines are extremely tight and many tasks need to be finalised prior to you receiving eligibility/ceremony details.  By completing your registration for December, you are confirming that you are aware of and accept the below conditions. If these conditions are not acceptable to you, do not apply/or update for December graduation.

  • Please check your MySR, if your award appears with the option to select December you are able to apply.
  • If your student record is not finalised by the advertised timelines regardless of the reason, you will be declined (please do not request special consideration).
  • Honours students studying in Spring Session are not able to be included as there is not enough time from results release to actual ceremonies to have details finalised / appealed.
  • Confirmation of your eligibility to graduate (and if eligible ceremony details) will be available only 1 week prior to graduation

NOTE: If you are intending on inviting family and friends to your graduation this short time frame could be expensive to book flights and accommodation with such short notice, and also prove problematic to arrange visas for guests visiting from overseas – not enough notice, apply for a future round

  • All details are to be finalised as per timelines and prior to receiving eligibility / ceremony details
  • You will be required to make your RSVP payment before being advised of eligibility to graduate or if eligible, ceremony details. NOTE: if for any reason you are not eligible to graduate, any RSVP payment you have made will be transferred to April of the following year (or a full refund if requested)
  • If you are deemed not eligible you will be moved to the next round, if you are eligible you will graduate in December (if you have not deferred in writing prior to the advertised deadlines)
  • Double degree with Bachelor of Laws – you will only be assessed if you have already graduated from the first component of your double degree, OR, you are eligible to graduate from both components.

For example, if you are graduating from Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, then you will need to have graduated from the Business component previously, to enable you to graduate from your Law component in the December round. Alternatively, you have completed both components and will graduate from both awards in the December round.

Only Law double degrees are considered for December and with the above conditions. No other Bachelor double degree awards are included in December

Any activity that results in a delay to your final results leads to an automatic decline for graduation – regardless of the reason. Such activities include (but are not limited to)

  • Sitting a deferred exam
  • Sitting a supplementary exam
  • Submitting an additional assessment
  • Submitting documentation for special consideration
  • Misconduct hearings (regardless of final outcome)
  • Your results are not finalised by the advertised timelines
  • You are currently enrolled
  • You have outstanding grades
  • Professional placement / Industrial Experience processing/grades are not complete
  • You have advanced standing or course transfer details still pending
  • Cross Institutional details are not finalised
  • Your post census miscellaneous unit is not finalised and transferred by the advertised timelines
  • You have not met course requirements by the advertised timelines
  • Delays in processing marks
  • School has not uploaded your result as per results upload date
  • Course variation not finalised on student record
  • Enrolment issues not finalised

Other reasons may include

  • Submitted documentation for a review of grade (If you are applying for a Review of Grade and have a pass mark making you eligible to graduate, you must email immediately to move your registration to a future round. If you do not take this action and are deemed eligible to graduate, the result on your student record will be the result produced on your documentation and a charge will be incurred to have replacement documentation produced – if it is able to be changed)
  • Outstanding financial debts to the University (library fines, study fees, encumbrance of any type)
  • Anything outstanding on your student record as of results upload (regardless who’s error /delay this may be from, timelines are not able to be adjusted)

Due to the short turnaround times, confirmation of eligibility and ceremony details are only available 1 week before ceremonies (it is not possible to provide this information earlier). If this is too short notice for you, please register and/or defer (as per deadlines) to April 2020 graduation round.

Register to graduate


  1. Log into MySR (access via the MyWestern Student Portal Please use a desktop or laptop to register (no other electronic devices)
  2. Select the Graduation tab – this will take you to the MyGraduation page.
  3. Click the register button next to the course you’re graduating from.
  4. On the Check your Course Progress page, check you have completed all course requirements

Please note: If you have outstanding course completion requirements, you still need to continue and complete your registration to graduate. Just make sure all requirements are finalised and appear in you MySR as per the advertised deadlines. For more information about finalising your course requirements visit

  1. Check your correct specialisations (key program, major and/or sub-major) are listed. The specialisation requirements for your course are available in the Western Handbook at If you have any questions, please check with your Director of Academic Program. If a specialisation you’ve completed I s not listed you can update this in the specialisations selection page in MySR (refer to  You must select yes they are correct for your registration to process.
  2. Check your formal name details are correct. This will be printed on your graduation documentation. If your name is incorrect, you’ll need to lodge a Change of Personal Details form (available at with the required supporting documentation to Student Central, your details will need to be updated and appearing correctly in MySR by the advertised deadlines (allowing processing time) to ensure they’re printed correctly on your graduation documentation.
  3. Click the register button. Once your registration is complete you’ll receive an automatic email receipt to your student email account titled MyGraduation Receipt. If you don‘t receive the email instantly (checking your junk/clutter boxes) please contact the Graduations team at No MyGraduation Receipt = No Registration received.
  4. Complete your registration by making your RSVP graduation payment via OneStop payment system. Please note payment is required prior to eligibility / ceremony details being sent, if you do not wish to make early payment prior to notification, please do not register for December or incur the late payment fee. An $80 late payment fee for your RSVP payment will be activated from 5pm Thursday, 24 October.  Your receipt of payment is found in your OneStop account (not linked to your student record).

Reminder: Registrations to graduate are open until 5pm Wednesday 16 October (If you are experiencing any problems, contact prior to closing date, no extension available). Your RSVP payment is due by 5pm 24 October (after which a late fee is applied).

Information relating to graduation is sent to your student email account only. Regularly check your account so you don’t miss important information. If you have any questions about graduation, please visit or email

Kind regards,

Graduation Team
Student Administration | Student Experience
Western Sydney University

Diploma students form part of the Western Sydney Graduation rounds. Please refer to the Western Sydney University student graduations page for information on registering to graduate and important deadlines.