Current Students

-- This website is for students currently studying at The College --


Key Upcoming Dates

  • Monday 3 June to Friday 7 June - Term 1 exams
  • Tuesday 18 June 10:00am – Allocate + opens in read only
  • Friday 21 June:
    - Term 1 results release
    - Commence providing progression advice to students on unit enrolments for term 2
    - 12 midday Allocate + opens for students to complete term 2 timetables
  • Week commencing Monday 24 June:
    - Complete progression advice
    - Confirm eligibility of students undertaking integrated Diploma/Bachelor 6000 series courses to move to 2nd year at Western Sydney University
    - Eligible extended diploma students moved to the relevant integrated course
    - Course Variation Applications processed
    - Confirm conditional offers for UFS Nursing and Extended Diploma students
  • Monday 1 July - Term 2 commences - student central to open at 8.30am for first week
  • Thursday 4 July 9:00am - Allocate+ unavailable for students until 10:00am Friday 5 July
  • Friday 12 July midnight - self enrolment closes
  • Monday 14 July 9.30am - Allocate + reverts to read only
  • Wednesday 31 July - Census

Integrated Diploma/Bachelor 6000 Series Courses

If after results are released you have completed 70 Credit Points (CP) of University level units and all your preparatory units, you will be contacted by enrolments regarding moving into the second year of your course for the 2019 Spring session at Western Sydney University.  You will be moved to the closest campus to the one that you are currently studying at that offers the second year of your degree.

Extended Diploma 7000 series students (Not Business)

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University for the Spring session, if after your exams you have achieved 35 credit points and a Grade Point Average of 4 or above, you will be transferred before term 2, 2019 commences to the relevant integrated Diploma/Bachelor course.

Extended Business Diploma and Standard Business Diploma students

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University for the Spring session, if after your exams, you have achieved passed all your preparatory units you will be transferred before term 2 2019 commences to the integrated 6037 – Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business (Accelerated) course.

Course Progress

The 'Check My Course Progress' pages in MySR allow you to see what your course requirements are and track your progress towards finishing your course and if you're meeting the requirements needed to graduate. On these pages you can:

  • Add when you expect to complete your course
  • Check credit points are in your course and how many you've achieved
  • Amend or add specialisations
  • View  course completion rules

Need an Extension on an Hand-in Assignment?

It is expected that all students submit their assignments on time and manage the balance between your studies and other activities (such as employment, family life etc).  We know at times circumstances can prevent students from meeting the due date for an assignment such as:

- needing to work an unexpected shift

- a family member suddenly falling sick and needing care

- a last-minute equipment break down that prevented completion of the assignment

- a temporary illness, such as a migraine, making it difficult to focus on completing the assignment.

If circumstances prevent you from meeting the due date, you can apply for an extension for up to 48 hours (one extension per assignment) by completing the Extension Request Form. If you require further information please access and read the Extension Guidelines for Students or contact your class teacher.

Applying for Special Consideration

Before applying for Special consideration please familiarise yourself with the Special Consideration Policy. Click here for an Application for Special Consideration or visit Student Central.  It is important that completed applications are submitted to Student Central so all appropriate documentation provided can be verified.  If you are applying on medical grounds don’t forget to submit your application by the second working day after the expiry of your medical certificate by 5:00pm. Your medical evidence must be from a registered medical practitioner.  Medical certficates from a Pharmacist or Pharmacy will not be accepted. If you have a hand-in task (Essay, report etc.) and are applying for special consideration, you are required to submit a draft copy of the work that you have completed so far.

NOTE: Please do not fill out a Special Consideration form to report an absence unless that absence resulted in missing an assessment task.

Excluded Foundation Students returning to The College

Foundation students wishing to return to study after a period of exclusion will need to meet with the relevant Learning & Teaching Manager to discuss their Return to Study Plan. This will need to be arranged four weeks prior to the start of term. To make an appointment with your Learning & Teaching Manager please send an email to the relevant Manager as follows:

University Foundation Studies (Health Science/Nursing)

University Foundation Studies (Arts)


Foundation students
Applications for the 2019 Graduation are now open, please click here to apply.

Diploma students
Diploma students form part of the Western Sydney Graduation rounds. Please refer to the Western Sydney University student graduations page for information on registering to graduate and important deadlines.