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Term 2 2019 Unit Guides

Students commenced in T3 2018
Business Studies Extended
Extended who transferred to Integrated in T1 2019

Students commenced in T1 2019
Business Studies
University Foundation Studies
Integrated Students
Extended Students transitional to Integrated

New Students commencing in T2 2019

University Foundation Studies

Students commenced in T3 2018
Students commenced in T1 2019
New Students commencing in T2 2019

Course Progress

Visit the  'How to: Check your course progress' website to track your progress and view the course requirements and completion rules.

Timetable Information and Resources

Allocate+ is the University system for setting up your timetable.  Allocate+ will open in read only mode at 10.00am Tuesday 18 June  2019 for you to plan your timetable and then will open in allocate adjustment mode at 12.00pm  Friday 21 June 2019 for you to complete your timetable.

The following dates are planned Allocate+ outages, and it is recommended that for these days you take note of your class times and locations:

- Closed from 9:00am Thursday 4/07/19 until 10:00am Friday 5/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 15/07/19 until 10:00am Monday 15/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 29/07/19 until 10:00am Monday 29/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 5/08/19 until 10:00am Monday 5/08/19

Please do not solely rely on a printout or screenshot of your timetable, as class times and locations may change. You should log in to Allocate+ regularly to view your class details online.

Need help with your timetable? Firstly, ensure you are enrolled in the correct units. Once you are enrolled correctly, read through the Allocate+ User Guide for assistance with how to create your timetable using Allocate+. If you are unable to complete your timetable, or would like further assistance, please contact the Tutorial Registration hotline on 02 9852 5471.

Additional Resources