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Census date is the official deadline for finalising your enrolment and fees for Term 2. After this you will be charged tuition fees and receive a grade for all your enrolled units even if you drop a unit. Make sure you want to continue studying in all the units you're enrolled in. Visit the WSU Census website or check out Getting Ready for Census Day for more information. Staff in Student Central can also help you check that you are all set for Census.

Integrated Courses

The College has embarked on an exciting new chapter with the introduction of combined Diploma/ Bachelor three year integrated courses with the first year to be delivered at The College. This model will significantly enhance the student experience with the following benefits:

  • Students in the integrated course will no longer receive a conditional offer to Western Sydney University but will seamlessly move into the 2nd year of their course when they meet requirements.
  • Embeds College students into the wider University and assists with transition to the University.
  • Allows Diploma students who perform well to move into the Diploma/Bachelor three year course.
  • Students will  be eligible for both the Diploma and Bachelor awards.

The following domestic students will be transferred to a new integrated course after term 3 commences:

  • Extended Diploma students (with the exception of Business) who have achieved 35 credit points with a GPA of 4+
  • Business  Extended Diploma and Standard Diploma students who have completed all University preparatory units

Students will be advised if they are being moved to the Integrated course once results are finalised on Friday 6 October 2017.  Students who are transferred will follow a new pattern of study. Students are advised not to enrol in Term 3 units until they have their results and have received academic progression advice on which units to enrol in. This advice will be sent on Friday 6 October 2017 after students have received their results via email.

Units for Term 1 2018

For new students in 2018 units for Term 1 are now available. Head to the Units Selections page for more information.

Your Timetable

Allocate+ is now open in read only mode and will be open at 10:00am Thursday 28 September 2017 for you to build your timetable. See the Unit Selection/Your Timetable page for more information.

Term 3 New Starters – Timetable Options
For any new students commencing their studies in Term 3, 2017, we are offering additional assistance by providing you with a list of activities (classes) to allocate to that will enable you to create a clash-free timetable.

If you would like to utilise this service please click here for further information.

Excluded Foundation Students returning to The College

Foundation students wishing to return to study after a period of exclusion will need to meet with the relevant Learning & Teaching Manager to discuss their Return to Study Plan. This will need to be arranged four weeks prior to the start of term. To make an appointment with your Learning & Teaching Manager please send an email to the relevant Manager as follows:

University Foundation Studies (Health Science/Nursing)

University Foundation Studies (Arts)


Foundation students
The 2017 Foundation Studies graduation will be held on Wednesday 22 November at 6:00pm at the Nirimba Campus. Check your course progress and if you believe you will be eligible to graduate click APPLY NOW.

Diploma students
Diploma students form part of the Western Sydney Graduation rounds. Please refer to the Western Sydney University student graduations page for information on registering to graduate and important deadlines.