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IGNITE: Arrive & Thrive

Would YOU like a head start to achieve your goals? Are you a new student studying at The College?

The College has introduced an exciting online-Pod resource (IGNITE: Arrive & Thrive) designed for new students to complete before your course commencement.  The Pod IGNITES your passion about your chosen course, helps you to unlock your potential, embrace your diversity, and paves the way for you to transition into University study with success.  There are three short, interactive modules guaranteed to put you one step ahead of the crowd in your academic journey:

  • Module 1 focuses on helping you to build the important skills of resilience, time and organisational management.
  • Module 2 maps your course to your career aspirations making the most out of your studies to ensure you are prepared for employment.
  • Module 3 equips you with cutting-edge digital technologies to thrive in any learning environment.

The modules are not required to be completed in any particular order, so you are able to choose first what you think would benefit you the most, in order to optimise your learning experience.

Want to IGNITE your potential, ARRIVE with a head start, and THRIVE throughout your studies? Your first step to success starts by clicking here.

It will take you to the landing page of vUWS (your e-learning management platform) where you then enter your student id and password.  Then on the left hand side under ‘My vUWS’ click on the link that says, IGNITE: Arrive & Thrive and then you’re ready to ignite your academic journey.

If you require any assistance while navigating IGNITE, please contact: Leah Micallef via

Need an Extension on a Hand-in Assignment?

If you require an extension, please contact your class teacher as soon as you can.

Applying for Special Consideration

Before applying for Special consideration please familiarise yourself with the Special Consideration Policy. Click here for an Application for Special Consideration. If you are applying on medical grounds don’t forget to submit your application by the second working day after the expiry of your medical certificate by 5:00pm. Your medical evidence must be from a registered medical practitioner.  Medical certficates from a Pharmacist or Pharmacy will not be accepted.

If you are unable to obtain a Medical Certificate on the grounds for the unprecedented COVID-19 situation please be sure to include a completed Statutory Declaration with a supporting personal statement with your special consideration application form.

NOTE: Please do not fill out a Special Consideration form to report an absence unless that absence resulted in missing an assessment task.


If you are a College student in your final term of a Diploma and you are likely to move into second year at WSU in Spring 2020, you are invited to attend an important Transition Session presentation in either week 9 or week 10.  The Transition Sessions are informative and an opportunity to meet your University Academic Course Advisor (ACA) and find out the units to enrol into, the range of specialisations (major or sub-majors), career pathways the Bachelor course can take you and an opportunity to ask questions.  These sessions are aimed at those students who are in their final term at The College and potentially eligible to move into second year in Spring 2020.

To find out when your course presentation is scheduled for, log into vUWS and locate your course vUWS site on the left (e.g. SocialScience@TheCollege, Business@TheCollege) or contact your FYEC for further details.


Allocate+ will open in read only mode at 10:00am Friday 12 June then will open in allocate adjustment mode at 10:00am Tuesday 16 June. See the Unit Selection/Your Timetable page for more information.

Integrated Diploma/Bachelor 6000 Series Courses

If after results are released you have completed 70 Credit Points (CP) of University level units and all your preparatory units, you will be contacted by enrolments regarding moving into the second year of your course at Western Sydney University.  You will be moved to the closest campus to the one that you are currently studying at that offers the second year of your degree.

Extended Diploma 7000 series students (Not Business)

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University, if after your exams you have achieved 35 credit points and a Grade Point Average of 4 or above, you will be transferred before the next term commences to the relevant integrated Diploma/Bachelor course.

Extended Business Diploma and Standard Business Diploma students

For students not transitioning to Western Sydney University, if after your exams, you have achieved passed all your preparatory units in your course you will be transferred before the next term commences to the integrated 6037 – Diploma in Business/Bachelor of Business (Accelerated) course. For students who pass all units in the designated pattern of study this occurs after two terms for Extended Diploma and one term for Standard Diploma.

Course Progress

The 'Check My Course Progress' pages in MySR allow you to see what your course requirements are and track your progress towards finishing your course and if you're meeting the requirements needed to graduate. On these pages you can:

  • Add when you expect to complete your course
  • Check credit points are in your course and how many you've achieved
  • Amend or add specialisations
  • View  course completion rules

Excluded Foundation Students returning to The College

Foundation students wishing to return to study after a period of exclusion will need to meet with the relevant Learning & Teaching Manager to discuss their Return to Study Plan. This will need to be arranged four weeks prior to the start of term. To make an appointment with your Learning & Teaching Manager please send an email to the relevant Manager as follows:

University Foundation Studies (Health Science/Nursing)

University Foundation Studies (Arts)


Foundation students

The 2020 Foundation Studies Graduation will be held on Wednesday 2 December 2020. Please use the following link to apply to Graduate:
Please contact Cassy Magnoli via if you have any questions.

Diploma students form part of the Western Sydney Graduation rounds. Please refer to the Western Sydney University student graduations page for information on registering to graduate and important deadlines.