Continuing Students

1. Which units should I be doing?

You will be sent an email to your Student Email Account following the release of results for the current term, listing the units that you are required to enrol in next. You can also check the Pattern of Study on the college notice boards located on each campus. If you are still unsure or have failed a unit, please make an appointment with your First Year Experience Coordinator for Academic Advice.

2. I have just completed a term of study and would like to apply to take a break in my studies. How do I apply for this?

Domestic students are eligible to apply for a leave of absence once they have completed one or more units at The College. To apply for a leave of absence, please complete a discontinuation or break from studies form and submit the form to Student Services.

Please note that the maximum amount of leave you can take during your course is twelve months.

3. How do I check my course progression and credit points?

To check your course progression, log in to MySR via the MyC3 student portal and select check your course progress under the Course Details heading. Select the correct course code (in blue) and then course progress details at the bottom of the page.

If you are still unsure or need further clarification, please make an appointment to speak with your FYEC for academic advice.

4. I think my final grade in the unit does not correctly reflect my performance. What can I do?

You may choose to informally discuss your concern with the academic responsible for the unit. Where the informal approach is not appropriate, or you wish to take the matter further, you may apply for a review of grade.

An application for Review of Grade must be lodged using the appropriate eForm, together with the prescribed charge (if appealing against a passing grade), within ten (10) working days of the official notification of results on the web. - Review of Grade Policy

5. How do I work out my GPA?

Foundation students can refer to the GPA's by course policy available to view on The College website. If you require further clarification or are a College Diploma student, please make an appointment to discuss your course progress with your FYEC.  GPA's by course policy

6. When do I enrol for next term?

You will receive enrolment instructions to your student email account, prior to the term commencing.

7. Am I eligible for a W grade?

If you had to withdraw from units after the census date because of extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for your E grade to be changed to a Withdrawal without academic penalty grade (called a W grade) and to have your tuition fee for the unit/s refunded. 

Please make an appointment with the Student Advisor to discuss the criteria for a withdrawal without academic penalty application. You must submit your application within twelve months of the final date of the teaching session in which you withdrew from the unit/s.,_dropping_and_changing_units/withdrawing_without_academic_penalty

8. Why was I excluded from enrolment? What can I do when I'm excluded?

If you fail to make satisfactory academic progress in your course, you may be at risk of exclusion.

An excluded student's enrolment is cancelled and they are precluded from any re-enrolment at the University during the period of exclusion, which will not exceed one term. At the expiration of a period of exclusion, the student does not have automatic right of re-admission to the course or to the University and must apply for re-admission.

If you have been placed on conditional enrolment or excluded from study, you will be notified by email. You have the right to lodge an appeal. Your appeal must be lodged in writing, within the given time frame and clearly outline the grounds for your appeal. You can apply for provisional enrolment whilst you are awaiting the outcome of your appeal.

Please make an appointment with your FYEC to complete a Request for Provisional Enrolment Form. You can obtain a copy of the form from Student Services before your appointment. Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress policy– Enrolment policy (University)