Fact sheets on school or youth-related research projects

I say bears, you say beers - exploring how we recognise spoken words and understand their meaning when their pronunciation varies wildly from one part of the world to another.

Translating Policy to Practice - developing an evaluation framework to determine the effectiveness of the Detainee Behaviour Intervention Framework developed by Juvenile Justice NSW. This will unveil opportunities to strengthen the capacity of the Juvenile Justice Centres to ensure that young detainees remain safe and secure.

A frog's place makes an ideal classroom - investigating how a hands-on wetlands project, studying frogs, birds, weeds and water quality, might foster school children's interest in caring for their local environment.

Listen carefully, one syllable at a time - investigating the cognitive mechanisms that underpin the human ability to recognise both words and talkers in speech. 

Young and Healthy - examining healthy lifestyle choices among young people.

Mummy, that lady talks funny - investigating the role of accents in word learning among young children. The research may shed light on the particular problems faced by children with developmental language difficulties.

Young People's Citizenship - researching the concept and practice of active citizenship for young people.

Cultivating Capability - researching the issues impacting Aboriginal students seeking placement in opportunity classes and selective high schools.

The Aboriginal Girls Circle - investigating the nature of self-concept and cultural identity in this group and develop a framework and tools for further evaluation of the Aboriginal Girls Circle program.

Measurement Matters for Indigenous Children - investigating issues around using medication for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and bias in assessing Indigenous children displaying ADHD behaviours.

Building Children's Ethical Relationship Skills with Parents and Educators - exploring how parents, children and teachers learn the skills to build ethical and respectful sexual relationships.

Hear the Word - exploring the acquisition of reading skills in children with dyslexia.

Brain Gain - collaborating with primary schools in the Liverpool region to investigate the impact of an innovative 'Brain Training' game to improve numeracy skills.

Rethinking Multiculturalism - examining prevailing practices of multicultural education in Australian schools.  

Degrees of Impact - evaluating the impact of a professional doctorate program on education quality.

Mirror, Mirror ... - using innovative research methods to explore how processes of reflection and critical thinking could improve diversity and inclusion in early childhood education.


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