The Men's Health Team

Working To Improve Men's Health In Australia

The Men's Health team continues to grow and is now made up of:

Neil Hall

Dr Neil Hall

Neil is the Director of MHIRC. Neil researches in the areas of men and boys, engagement, and health & wellbeing.
In 2010, he completed his PhD on sport, civic engagement and young males, and continues to research the processes of social engagement through alternative strategies such as sport, art and music.

John Macdonald

Professor John Macdonald

John is an Emeritus Professor and Foundation Chair in Primary Health Care at the Western Sydney University. Professor John Macdonald was born in Scotland. John has 10 years experience in Zambia in Primary Health Care and education. He has also been a Visiting Professor of Community and Public Health,
Birzeit University, Palestine, since 1994.

Shravankumar Guntuku

Shravan is Project officer at MHIRC implementing National Men's Health Week and Managing our Mengage Website. He holds a masters in Health Science management from United Kingdom and He has 7 years of experience in Non-profit sector across England, India and Australia. He is also Master of Social Work candidate at Western Sydney University.

Hon Dr Roger Price

Hon Dr Roger Price

Roger is a visiting fellow at MHIRC and former Australian politician. He was elected as a member of the Australian House of Representatives at the 1984 election, representing the Division of Chifley in Western Sydney, New South Wales, for the Australian Labor Party.

He has always been a strong supporter of men's health and of Aboriginal health.

Dr Anthony Brown

Dr Anthony Brown

Anthony is an adjunct fellow at MHIRC.

He has particular research interests in the positive contributions that men and boys make to their communities (especially through volunteering); and in the needs, concerns and contributions of older men.

Rick Welsh

Rick Welsh

Rick is the manager of The Shed based at Emerton.  Rick is also involved with the Sydney Aboriginal Men's Network.

Rick is currently working with Legal Aid and other parties on a strategy for managing Apprehended Violence Order-based jailing of Aboriginal men and a strong advocate for Aboriginal health and well-being.