Volunteering and Community

Volunteering and engaging in community are valuable tools that are recognised as powerful ways to provide purpose and meaning to the lives of men [1]. It is well-acknowledged that the positive impacts of volunteering within the community can be important for men's physical and mental health. It is understood that some Australian men feel disconnected from their community, with one study showing that one third of Australia's adult men are choosing not to engage with community events [2]. However, men who do volunteer within the community have reported improvements in their relationships with others, feeling a sense of service, improved feeling of self-worth and authentic emotional growth and development [3].

Interestingly, men are also reporting that as a result of their volunteering, they have been able to learn and expand their lives with new skills and hobbies. This demonstrates that the benefits someone can experience from volunteering is only limited to what they are willing to engage with [3].

Volunteering and being involved in community can come in many different ways, including giving time to charities, becoming a mentor, joining a local community group such as a men’s walk or holding men’s events within your community.

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