Our research aims to improve health outcomes for men and boys

Western Sydney University is a leader in health and medical research. Community engagement and social impact are at the heart of our work. Western was recently ranked first in the world for driving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings and is a leading advocate for the Western Sydney region.

Core research areas

Social determinants of male health

Men’s mental health and suicide prevention

Improving health and wellbeing outcomes in men and boys

Relationships and reproductive health

Examples of our research

    Tackling men's health through Rugby League: Active Breed

    Dr. Emma George

    Alternative approaches for health, mental wellbeing and suicide prevention for boys and young men

    Shravankumar Guntuku,  Valerie Sedin,  Neil Hall,  Benjamin Joseph

    Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on men's mental health services in Australia

    Shravankumar Guntuku,  Neil Hall,  Glen Poole

Other research

  • Situational approach to suicide prevention
  • Mental health in men and boys
  • Involving fathers in children's mental health care
  • Role of professional sport clubs in promoting positive health
  • Attitudes to men as victims of domestic violences
  • Prehabilitation for men with prostate cancer
  • Health and well-being of young people in out-of-home care
  • Factors contributing to psychological distress in men over 18
  • Obesity and weight management in men
  • Men's engagement with contraception

Get involved

Are you interested in the research undertaken by the Centre for Male Health? Would you be interested in helping our researchers by becoming a research participant?

The study-specific information provided for each project includes details of the research being undertaken, the level of participation required (which may vary from simple questionnaires through to more involved clinical procedures), and the criteria for participation (volunteers must qualify for a study).

By participating in research you will play a critical role in helping us advance the treatment and understanding of men's and boy's health, and improve the access to health services. By donating your time to any project you will help us advance the knowledge in that area.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence. These projects have been granted ethics approval by the University's Human Research Ethics Committee.

We are not currently seeking participants for research projects. This page will be updated as research participation opportunities arise.