We are committed to advocating for better health outcomes for men and boys

Our work influences policy makers, government and funders to promote the need for ongoing support in improving men's and boy's health.

Men's Health Week

International Men's Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June. It is an opportunity to highlight the importance of men's health, and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities.

Men's Health Week focuses on not just physical health, but also men's mental health and emotional wellbeing. During the week, we highlight the health challenges faced by men in Australia and worldwide, showcase opportunities to promote health, and support events that can be replicated year-round to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of men and boys.

Men’s Health Week is coordinated by Western Sydney University. Our close connections with community and government organisations across Australia enable us to develop the kinds of networks and partnerships that bring together people who care about better health for men and boys.

Students at Western

A part of our commitment to advocating for better health outcomes for men and boys is working closely with the appropriate teams to support students in our own backyard, at Western Sydney University. We do this by encouraging students to support one another,  reach out for help when needed and through connecting students with men's health information at on campus events.