Global Action on Men's Health Database

Mengage has collaborated with Global Action on Men’s Health (GAMH) on a global database of resources aimed at policymakers, service providers and others who want to find out more about how to take action on men’s health.

The database accompanies the GAMH report, Delivering Men’s Health: A guide for policymakers and service providers -, that was published in September 2021. This new resource covers interventions from around the world in policy development, health information provision, sports- and community-based initiatives, self-management programmes, and workplace, digital, primary care and other services. It provides a clear signpost to the steps that need to be taken to make a real difference.

We very much hope you will find it useful in your work to improve men’s health. GAMH and Mengage will continue to add new information to the database to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible. Any suggestions for new items, or comments on the existing database, should be sent to

Please note that many of the papers in the database are open-access and therefore free to use. Unfortunately, some are located behind paywalls. However, every entry contains at least an accessible abstract.


General Policies

National men’s health policies in Ireland and Australia: What are the challenges associated with transitioning from development to implementation?

The men’s health gap: men must be included in the global health equity agenda:

Men’s health: time for a new approach to policy and practice?

Worth the paper they’re written on? the potential role of national men’s health policies:

Specific Policies

Ireland Men’s Health Policy 2017:

Men's Health Policy – Ireland:

Men's Health Policy – Iran:'s_Health_Policy_Document_The_Current_Challenges_to_Men's_Health_in_Iran

Report on Brazil's men's health policy – IDS:'s_National_Healthcare_Policy_for_Men_PNAISH_EMERGE_Case_Study_1

WA Men's Health and Wellbeing Policy:

South Africa:


Making the case for men's health

Who Self-Cares Wins:

From the margins to the mainstream: Next steps:

The men’s health gap: men must be included in the global health equity agenda:

Jabs for the boys: how the Campaign for gender-neutral HPV Vaccination was won in the UK:

Men’s health: time for a new approach to policy and practice?

Men's health: COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for overdue policy action:

Changing men or changing health systems? A scoping review of interventions, services and programmes targeting men’s health in sub-Saharan Africa:

The Economic Burden Shouldered by Public and Private Entities as a Consequence of Health Disparities Between Men and Women:

Missing men with tuberculosis: the need to address structural influences and implement targeted and multidimensional interventions:

Cost of the Man Box:

Hiding in plain sight: Men’s health and the response of global organisations:

Gender and global health: evidence, policy, and inconvenient truths:

Raising the profile of men's health:

Don’t Change Much: The Economic Impact of Modest Health Behavior Changes in Middle-Aged Men:

Masculine norms and men’s health: Making the connections:

A Call for Gender-Inclusive Global Health Strategies:


The health and well-being of men in the WHO European Region: better health through a gender approach:


Gender norms

Affirming the strengths in men: A positive masculinity approach to assisting male clients:

Gender norms and the mental health of boys and young men:

Men’s health risk and protective behaviours: The effects of masculinity and masculine norms:


‘Dudes Are Meant to be Tough as Nails’: The Complex Nexus Between Masculinities, Culture and Health Literacy From the Perspective of Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males – Implications for Policy and Practice:

Masculinity and men's health service use across four social generations: Findings from Australia's Ten to Men study:

Equity and intersectionality


Men’s Health Equity:

Our response to covid-19 must not be gender blind nor a gender battle:

Equity, gender and health: New directions for global men’s health promotion:

Why gender equality is good for men’s health and why this matters now:

Young Men

Young men’s preferences for design and delivery of physical activity and nutrition interventions: A mixed-methods study:

Exploring the effectiveness of an integrated mixed martial arts and psychotherapy intervention for young men’s mental health:

Developing young men’s wellbeing through community and school-based programs: A systematic review:

An online behavioural health intervention promoting mental health, manhood, and social support for young black men: The YBMen Project:

Operationalising positive masculinity: a theoretical synthesis and school-based framework to engage boys and young men:

Older Men

Ethnic Minority Men

Minority men’s engagement with health promotion (Boyz2men): an exploratory cross-sectional study:

Factors associated with black men’s preference for health information:

Participant satisfaction and acceptability of a culturally adapted brief intervention to reduce unhealthy alcohol use among Latino immigrant men:

A cluster-randomised trial of blood-pressure reduction in black barbershops:

An online behavioural health intervention promoting mental health, manhood and social support for young black men: The YBMen project:

Indigenous/First Nations Men

Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in prostate cancer health care programs:

“I feel more comfortable speaking to a male”: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s discourse on utilising primary health care services:

The DUDES club – A brotherhood for men’s health:

Our response to covid-19 must not be gender blind nor a gender battle:

Implications of critical race theory for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s health:

Strong men, strong communities: Design of a randomised controlled trial of a diabetes prevention intervention for American Indian and Alaska Native men:

An intersectional mixed methods approach to Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander men’s health:

‘Dudes are meant to be tough as nails’: The complex nexus between masculinities, culture and health literacy from the perspective of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males – Implications for policy and practice:

Gender Diverse Men

Gay men’s explanation of health and how to improve it:

Ageing is coastal and rural communities – Exploring the factors underlying health inequalities for older men, older people from ethnic minorities, and older LGBTQ+ people:


Power Up for Health: Pilot study outcomes of a diabetes prevention program for men from disadvantaged neighbourhoods:

Engaging men


Men’s Health – Nurse-led Project in the Community:

Engaging ‘hard to reach’ men in community-based health promotions:

Development and testing of a conceptual model regarding men’s access to health care:

Microfinance and peer health leadership intervention implementation for men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A qualitative assessment of perceived economic and health outcomes:

Men’s perception of health and health services on the Island of Niue: a qualitative study:

Perceptions of ‘male sensitive’ health services among men in Trinidad and Tobago:

Canadian men’s health literacy: A nationally representative study:

From training to practice: the impact of ENGAGE, Ireland’s national men’s health training programme:

Making services work for men – A 10-step guide to developing male-friendly health services:

Do’s & Don’ts for engaging men and boys:

Men’s health promotion interventions: what have we learned from previous programmes:

Health information needs of men:

Engaging men earlier: A guide to service design:

Reaching at-risk rural men: An evaluation of a health promotion activity targeting men at a large agricultural event:

Evaluating a tool to support the integration of gender in programs to promote men’s health:

Public health strategies to address Asian men’s health needs:

Framing masculinity – Message guide:

Health behaviours of Australian men and the likelihood of attending a dedicated men’s health service:

Sexual and Reproductive Health


‘It brings the lads together’: a critical exploration of older men’s experiences of a weight management programme delivered through a Healthy Stadia project:

Overweight and obese men’s experiences in a sport-based weight loss intervention for men:

A gender-sensitised weight loss and healthy living programme for overweight and obese men delivered by Scottish Premier League football clubs (FFIT): a pragmatic randomised control trial:

Effect of a national programme of men’s health delivered in English Premier League football clubs:

Using football metaphor to engage men in therapeutic support:

An intervention for mental health literacy and resilience in organised sports:

Digital delivery

Evaluation of QuitNow Men: An online, men-centred smoking cessation intervention:

HeadsUpGuys – Canadian online resource for men with depression:

Psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study of online help-seeking Canadian men:

Mapping Canadian men’s recent and intended health behaviour changes through the don’t change much electronic health program:

Promoting men’s health with the ‘don’t change much’ e-program:

Using social media networks to engage men in conversations on masculinity and suicide: Content analysis of Man Up Facebook Campaign data:


A men’s workplace health intervention – Results of the POWERPLAY Program pilot study:

Mental health promotion in male-dominated workplaces: Perspectives of male employees and workplace representatives:

Men’s physical activity and sleep following a workplace health intervention: Findings from the POWERPLAY STEP Up challenge:

A systematic review of workplace behavioural interventions to promote sleep health in men:

Irish Heart Foundation – Farmers Have Hearts:


Peer positive social control and men’s health-promoting behaviours:

Men’s sheds as an alternative healthcare route? A qualitative study of the impact of Men’s sheds on user’s health improvement behaviours:

Impacts of a documentary about masculinity and men’s health:

HPV vaccine and college-age men: A scoping review:

Men’s health in alternative spaces: exploring men’s sheds in Ireland:

A thematic analysis of men’s help-seeking on an Australian health helpline:

Engaging men in prenatal health promotion: A pilot evaluation of targeted e-health content:

Informing health promotion in rural men’s sheds by examination of participant health status, concerns, interests, knowledge and behaviours:

Informing health promotion in rural men’s sheds by examination of participant health status, concerns, interests, knowledge and behaviours:

Effectiveness of a peer education gender and health project for men in Timor-Leste:

Opportunities to address men’s health during the perinatal period – Puerto Rico, 2017:

Men's Health Organisations

Men’s Health Forum (Great Britain):

Men’s Health Forum (Ireland):

Men’s Health Forum (Denmark):

Men’s Health Foundation (Germany):

Men’s Health Network (USA):

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation:

Australian Men’s Health Forum:


Partnership for Male Youth (USA):