Mengage - The Men's Health Clearinghouse

Brings Together Evidence and Resources In Men's Health

MENGAGE (opens in a new window) was successfully launched in December 2012  at a special ceremony at the Western Sydney University Clinical School in the grounds of Blacktown Hospital.

It collates resources in the form of profiles containing published reports, fact sheets, multimedia content, and other outputs that health practitioners can use to better understand the detail and principles of effective practice in male health.

MENGAGE will enable people working in the field of men's health to achieve some important goals:

  • Collate resources relating to men's health in a user-friendly way to promote understanding of what's happened, what works and doesn't work and where to find more information
  • Serve as a knowledge base and centralised repository for male health resources
  • Develop the men's health professional community, foster relationships and improve visibility of programs aiming to deliver better male health
  • Increase interest in the male health topic by showcasing health programs and projects that have delivered results
  • Enable contribution and collaboration by other male health professionals including government and private sector agencies to increase their input into the male health agenda.

Visit the MENGAGE website(opens in a new window) to read the latest in men's health research.