Yanping Li

Research Student  Yanping Li

Research Program: Speech and Language

Thesis Title

Effects of High versus Low variability training on Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Tones.

Research Project

This study aims to address difficulties with second language lexical tone learning in real words by learners whose native language is a non-tone language. Based on the fundamental differences in use of tones in Mandarin versus English, a word learning task will be employed to train native English speakers to acquire Mandarin tones. Two training methods (high vs. low variability) will be examined to evaluate which approach will be better assist native English speakers in learning Mandarin tones by taking accented Mandarin tones as the phonetic variability. Word and tonal categorisation will be collected to observe the effects of these two perceptual training methods. It will be the first time to aid native English speakers with learning Mandarin tones in words based on regionally tonal variations.


  • 2010-2014 BA Chinese Linguistics and Literature, Xinyang Normal University, China
  • 2014-2017 MA Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Beijing Language and Culture University, China

Contact Yanping

Phone+61 2 451717034
LocationWestern Sydney University Westmead campus