Chief Investigators

Professor André van Schaik is the Director of the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems. His research focuses on neuromorphic engineering and computational neuroscience.
Professor Andre Van Schaik
Professor Caroline Jones is a researcher within the Brain Sciences Program. Caroline’s research interests are in language development, language teaching and learning, language technology, and language issues in health, including early assessment and intervention and communication with elderly people.
As leader of BabyLab, Professor Susan Hespos runs a research program on understanding the earliest evidence of cognitive capacities in infancy and what changes during development.
Jorge Serrador is Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director, Higher Degree Research, at the MARCS Institute. He has a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology specialising in brain blood flow regulation and is an expert in vestibular function and the vestibular and cardiovascular system's interaction.
Associate Professor Jorge Serrador
Associate Professor Mark Antoniou is the Research Program Leader of the Speech & Language Program. He is an expert in bilingual language processing, and his research addresses the interaction between language experience and other cognitive systems, and understanding individual differences between learners.
Gregory Cohen is an Associate Professor in Neuromorphic Systems-Algorithms. His interests include event-based vision sensors and algorithms, machine learning, spiking neural networks and biomedical signal analysis.
Associate Professor Gregory Cohen
This cognitive scientist is researching how we bring memories to mind, and what kinds of external cues or prompts can enhance our access to memories to improve cognitive and psychological wellbeing.
Associate Professor Manuel Varlet is a senior research lecturer in our Music Cognition and Action program. His research investigates the perceptual-motor processes underlying human performances and their changes throughout life, with expertise and pathologies, using behavioural, neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods.