Fernando Castellar

PhD Research Student

Research Program: Brain Sciences

Thesis Title

Using music to support efficacy of mental imagery in high performance sports.

Research Project

To achieve excellence in sporting practice, professional athletes as well as coaches are continuously
looking for means to further improve performance. Mental imagery, in particular, is now considered a key aspect in an athlete’s training routine, as mental imagery of body movements can improve physical performance. Intriguingly, recent research has shown that music can influence vividness, content, and spatial-temporal parameters of goal-directed and intentional mental imagery. In my work I investigate means of using music to increase efficacy of mental imagery techniques in high-performance sporting


  • Bachelor of Music Therapy, FMU, Brazil
  • Master of Cognitive Science, University of Lisbon, Lisbon


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Phone+61 0416 243 255
LocationWestern Sydney University Westmead campus