Student Experience


Dorothy Ndwiga

Completing my PhD has been one of the most challenging and yet the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have enjoyed my PhD journey and I am incredibly proud of my achievement. I would not have completed my thesis without the expertise and enthusiastic support of my amazing supervisors (Dr Freya MacMillan, Dr Kate McBride and Distinguished Professor David Simmons), who have been so thoughtful, kind and patient all the way. I am also indebted to all staff members at THRI for their support during my candidature and for treating me as one of their own. Their support has been incredible and I appreciate them for creating a friendly environment where we (PhD students) could conduct our research and learn from each other.

I have enjoyed my time at THRI greatly, from the research meetings and workshops organised by Dr Elizabeth Conroy to the friendships I have made with my fellow PhD comrades, who have been so supportive and made this journey so much more interesting. Thank you all for making my candidature memorable.

My PhD focused on tackling the burden of diabetes in the Australian Samoan community through promoting healthy lifestyle choices. I have learnt, grown and developed new insights into the Australia health care services and diabetes over the past three years. I am now looking forward to building my expertise and collaborations and continue my research around diabetes. I will continue to work at Western as a Tutor/Lecturer in School of Health Sciences and School of Medicine.